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Michele Bachmann Could Be Replaced

For various reasons, it has been difficult for the Democrats in Minnesota (called “DFLers”) to unseat Republican Congressional Representative Michele Bachmann. This has been partly because the candidates put up were not properly selected (probably) and partly because the people in her district simply liked her. Personally, I think her district started to like her less before the last Congressional election but supported her anyway because of her celebrate. But I have another theory as well, which is that the Tea Party is done. Out of date. No longer relevant. Michele Bachmann’s district’s voters have tired of the Tea Party and Michele Bachmann is the Tea Party.

And there are polls to indicate that this may be the case. Jim Graves, Michele Bachmann’s DFL opponent in the Sixth District Race in Minnesota, is creeeping closer and closer to Bachmann’s numbers, and it is possible that this race could even up over the next few weeks.

From the Minnesota Progressive Project:

A new poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan indicates that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is more vulnerable to her Democratic challenger than previously believed.
The polling firm surveyed about registered likely voters in the Sixth Congressional district of Minnesota from August 29 to August 30. The results indicate only forty per cent of the voters in Bachmann’s politically conservative district rate her performance “Excellent/Good.” Thirty-five per cent of those polled rate Bachmann’s performance “Poor.”

Asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, forty-eight per cent of those polled indicated that they would vote for incumbent Bachmann and forty-six per cent indicates they would vote for her opponent Jim Graves, a newcomer to politics.

Minnesota Political expert Bill Pendergast gives his analysis of this here. That site is getting a lot of sudden attention so it may take a moment to load, give it time. Continue reading Michele Bachmann Could Be Replaced

Bachmann Quits Presidential Bid

Only hours after indicating that she would take the fight to New Hampshire, we now hear that Michele Bachmann will suspend her presidential bid today. She is expected to make the announcement soon from West Des Moines.

This is a surprise and a disappointment. Michele told us that both God and her husband thought she should run for president. The de facto founder of the Tea Party hast quit after the first real contest, which in turn followed a hollow victory at the Sraw Poll. The Tea-Tossing Patriots of the American Nation had a surprise victory at Lexington and Concord followed by a trouncing at their first real contest, at Bunker Hill, but they did not quit. No. They continued the fight, dragging cannons over the snowy Berkshires and training the weapons on the British Fort in Boston, driving them out. Then they went on to win the American Revolution and found the greatest nation ever.

But Michele Bachmann has encountered one significant loss and is quitting the race. This is very, very disappointing for many reasons.

Including, and especially, the fact that this probably means she will run for re-election to congress in Minnesota’s 6th district. Which I can see from my living room. Damn.

Bachmann’s New Hampshire Prospects Diminished

It is very important to me that Michele Bachmann do well in New Hampshire. Without a strong showing in the “Live Free or Die” state, her prospects for being the Republican Nominee are reduced. And we very much want Michele Bachmann to be the Republican Nominee.

However, the New Hampshire Union Leader has elected to endorse another candidate. Continue reading Bachmann’s New Hampshire Prospects Diminished

Apologize for telling the truth? NBC and Jimmy Fallon drop the ball.

Michele Bachmann intentionally lies. She lies to gain power, she lies for personal gain, she lies all the time. So, when the band on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show played ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’ … which, is, apparently, a song, they were making a fairly accurate statement.

One might question its appropriateness as a song or the use of the word “bitch” but aside from that, the shoe fit. There was no reason for NBC or Jimmy Fallon to apologize. Michele Bachmann is the one that needs to apologize.

Here’s the event in question: Continue reading Apologize for telling the truth? NBC and Jimmy Fallon drop the ball.

Occupy Michele Bachmann

About 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters have interrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in South Carolina.

Bachmann was delivering the speech Thursday on the deck of the mothballed aircraft carrier USS Yorktown near Charleston when the protesters stood up and began shouting, “Mike check!”

They told her she was more concerned with dividing Americans than helping them. They chanted for about three minutes while the Minnesota congresswoman left the stage.


Michele Bachmann on Health Care

“We will always have people in this country, through hardship, through no fault of their own, who won’t be able to afford health care. That’s just the way it is.”

Here’s the video:

Bachmann’s solution for health care: Get in a time machine and go back to when medicine was cheap.

See Bachmann on the spot in Iowa. As pointed out by Avidor, this could be why Bachmann hasn’t held more tan one town hall meeting in her own district.

Five Dollars. Indeed. Have a sandwich, Michele:

Will Bachmann run for Congress or not?

Michele Bachmann
If Michele Bachmann plans to be president, why is she leaving the people in her district hanging?

If she does not become President of the United States and the Free World and stuff, that is.

Increasingly, as her apparent irrelevance in the presidential race, which has been very dissapointing to me, sets in and congeals like bad Minnesota Jello, this question becomes important. Is she or is she not going to run for re-election to Congress?

Continue reading Will Bachmann run for Congress or not?