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Vote Down The Guns

First a word about our lovely press. If I hear one more reporter grovel and squirm about how we don’t really want to hurt the NRA or take away any gun rights or do anything unreasonable, no, no, we just want to assume there is a solution to the carnage that does not inconvenience any of the gun loving yahoos that watch our networks …. then I’m going to I just don’t know what. Reporters: Please leave open the possibility that a double digit percentage of Americans don’t care one whit how much restrictions there ends up being on guns. We just want the insanity to end, and if that means taking away all the guns, then, whatever. It was not our decision to make guns so available that they can be amassed in sufficient quantities to shoot over five hundred people in one sitting. We want results, we do not care, not one bit, who’s feelings are hurt.

But I digress.

You need to do this before any upcoming elections. Find out who is Continue reading Vote Down The Guns

New Development in Minnesota Family Value Republicans Having Affairs Maneno

You will will recall that a while back our Republican Leader was caught having an affair with a male staffer, who was then fired. Well, he’s suing on the bases of sex discrimination; he claims that female staffers with whom affairs are had are routinely not fired, and he was fired because he was a guy. His lawyer has officially stated:

“He intends to depose all of the female legislative staff employees who participated in intimate relationships, as well as the legislators who were party to those intimate relationships, in support of his claims of gender discrimination,” the notice said.

Brodkorb is seeking a half a million in damages. I wonder if he’ll be using that to pay out damages to the people he is now bent on damaging?

PS: Stephanie has also posted an item on this.

Exposing Archaic and Arcane Laws and Social Justice: A new trend?

I know you are supposed to wait for three like things to happen before you declare it a trend, and I only know of two, but I figure it is worth mentioning. Maybe we can stretch this coincidence out and make it work for us.

A couple of months ago, it was revealed that a senior Republican legislator in Minnesota was having an affair with a staffer. This was a reasonably powerful individual (the elected official) having an affair with an adult who was also reasonably powerful (a senior staffer) and it was really just their own business, but since she was part of the Republican Leadership and Republicans have this idea of family values that they insist on legislating for the rest of us, her hypocrisy was noted. And, someone added some extra frosting to the icing on the cake by noting that the legislator’s husband had the right to file criminal charges using an arcane and archaic, and rather misogynist, state law. This law provides penalties for a woman who steps out on her husband, but only if the husband files criminal charges with the appropriate law enforcement agency. There is not an equivalent provision for penalties for a man who steps out on her husband. Either our state-wide founding fathers knew this never, ever happened, or …. they knew it happened all the time (with them) and chaos would ensue! Continue reading Exposing Archaic and Arcane Laws and Social Justice: A new trend?

Sex, Pornography, Firearms, and Republicans

Via The Huffington Post: ” The Republican Party in a small, conservative South Carolina county expects its candidates to lower taxes. They also expect them to not watch porn, be faithful to their spouses and not have sex outside of marriage. The Laurens County Republican Party originally decided that anyone who wanted to run for office with the GOP’s blessing would have to sign a pledge and be approved by party leaders…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

GOP Leader: Pray that “Obama’s ‘Children Be Fatherless And His Wife A Widow’

Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal is a piece of work, and I hope he is under Secret Service investigation after calling for the President’s death. But you know he’s just a cranky old guy who’s lost his filters and is saying out loud what most Tea Party Republicans are thinking in their heads all the time.

Think Progress has the whole story, here’s a bit of it:

ThinkProgress reported last week that Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal (R) was forced to apologize to First Lady Michelle Obama after forwarding an email to fellow lawmakers that called her “Mrs. YoMama” and compared her to the Grinch.

Earlier that same week, the Lawrence Journal-World was sent another email that O’Neal had forwarded to House Republicans that referred to President Obama and a Bible verse that says “Let his days be few” and calls for his children to be without a father and his wife to be widowed.

Kansas should be ashamed of itself.

A sad anniversary

One year ago today, nine-year-old Christina-Taylor Green was shot to death by Tuscon resident Jared Lee Loughner, using a 9 mm Glock automatic pistol with a high capacity ammunition clip. Seventeen other people were shot in that incident, a total of six of whom died. One of the injured was Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, whom had already been “targeted” for removal by radical elements of the Republican Party. It is not clear that Loughner was acting as an agent of these radical elements, but it was widely thought at the time that his decision to attempt an assassination of the congresswoman was spurred on by the hateful and violent rhetoric, often laced with references to firearms, of the Tea Party Movement.

Romney Leads For Iowa, but numbers suggest he is not really a favorite

The Iowa Caucus (not to be confused with the mostly bogus Iowa Straw Poll, where Michele Bachmann bought herself a good lead) will be held Tuesday. A Caucus is an actual political event and it is not insignificant. If you hear someone say “Oh, caucuses don’t mean anything” or “A caucus is not a real thing” or whatever, start asking them questions and you’ll quickly learn that they don’t know much about the political process. Very likely, they’ve never been to one. Have you? If you haven’t, and your state has them, give it at try!

Amazingly, Mitt Romney is in the lead according to a recent poll by the Des Moines Register, going into Tuesday’s caucuses, but the lead is slim. And the configuration of the field seems at least a little stable. The CNN poll of December 28th shows this pattern: Continue reading Romney Leads For Iowa, but numbers suggest he is not really a favorite

Republican Candidates Need To Make A List And Let Us Check It Twice

Over the last few years we’ve seen increasing evidence that the philosophy of Republican elected officials and candidates is to a) garner support from specific groups and then, b) withhold representation of any other groups once elected and even c) go out of their way to harm groups that opposed them during the election.

A couple years back there was an incident of an elected (state level) official contacted by some sort of citizens group for a meeting (a normal thing to happen) and he/she let slip that this group would never have an audience because of opposition during the election.

The other day a gay man asked New Gingrich about his position on engaging gay people once in office, and Gingrich’s reply was to tell the man to vote for Obama.

I asked him if he’s elected, how does he plan to engage gay Americans. How are we to support him? And he told me to support Obama,” said Arnold. […]

“When you ask somebody a question and you expect them to support all Americans and have everyone’s general interest,”Arnold said. “It’s a little bit frustrating and disheartening when you’re told to support the other side. That he doesn’t need your support.”

quoted from the Des Moines Register, here.

So, here’s what I think. Republican candidates, while running for office, should be presented with lists … during the debates would be a good time … of different factions of Americans, and then they must declare if they will represent these people or not once elected.

Will you or will you not be an effective, thoughful, and fair representative for …

  • Gay people
  • Transgender people
  • People who support single payer health care
    Union member
  • And so on and so forth

Then these results can be vetted by the press (they are so good at that, after all) and adjusted to reflect realty, and the results hung by the voting booth so people are clear on what they are doing when they pull the lever.

What can you buy at a gay adult shop in Canada for $67?

Conservative Republican Mayor Greg Davis’ Adult Gay Canadian Bookstore Problem

Which is worse:

He’s a Republican Family Values (read: Anti-Gay) Conservative who is, apparently, gay;
He’s spending taxpayer money to buy gay stuff in a gay adult bookstore; or
He’s spending said Taxpayer (And that’s Mississippi Taxpayer) money in a foreign country!?!? (Canada)
Continue reading What can you buy at a gay adult shop in Canada for $67?

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s LaBarbera mad at Obama

… and other matters.

You will be stunned to learn that Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera isn’t happy either, asking, “Who knew that when President Ronald Reagan spoke idealistically about America becoming a ‘shining city on the hill,’ that city would turn out to be Sodom?” LaBarbera said that Obama and Clinton are putting America in a position of “defiance toward her Creator to a new level” and endorsing an “affront to our Declaration of Independence”

More here.

Meanwhile, Republicans break out the popcorn to watch anti-choice porn:

Mike Huckabee has been making the rounds on right-wing radio promoting a new anti-choice documentary he produced with Citizens United called “The Gift of Life” which profiles anti-choice activists as well as those who were “saved from the abortionist”…Huckabee is scheduled to premier the film in Iowa next week and he invited the candidates seeking the Republican nomination to join him for the event where each would be given five minutes to address the audience and flaunt their anti-choice credentials … and so far, four candidates have accepted the invitation…


Here’s a triler … you could always visit the YouTube site and unlike it!
Continue reading Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s LaBarbera mad at Obama

Why do NASCAR fans hate our troops?

Several NASCAR fans booed two women who were announcing the start of a race (with the famous words “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!”). The women were part of the “Joining Forces” initiative, which is in support of military families. The women stood next to retired Army Sgt. Andrew Barry, who was wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is unclear why NASCAR fans hate America.