Fox “News” Station Tells Viewers to Vote Republican

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In an intriew with Paul Ryan, at just past 2 minutes and 40 seconds:

(oversize video below the fold)

Why does FOX still get press passes? Are they still in the White House press corp?

More here at Raw Story

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6 thoughts on “Fox “News” Station Tells Viewers to Vote Republican

  1. It’s funny when I see other left wing news shows I feel the same way so I can imagine how it feels. I am glad I have Fox just as you are glad you have NBC.

    On a positive note I am very happy I found Glen Beck once again & it was on my Sirius car radio…Life is Good once gain. Cheers!

  2. So Paul, would you say that anything that the Democratic Senate comes up with is dead on arrival in the House. Good to know that you are reasonable.

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