One-On-One Science Tutoring In and Near Plymouth, Minnesota

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I am new to primary education tutoring, but not to teaching and one-on-one learning.  I have an MA and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from Harvard.  I served on the teaching staff of Harvard’s very popular bio-anthro core course, which served as an intro to biology and a pre-med course for that college. I then taught the required foundation course for Harvard Mind Brain and Behavior program.  Later, I taught a course that served as an intro to biology at the University of Minnesota, and I’ve taught various versions of this course elsewhere.  Most recently, I taught comparative anatomy, evolution, immunology, and epidemiology for gifted and talented Middle School students in Northwestern University’s AWE program. (Those students are primarily from Wayzata and Robbinsdale.)

A tutor, not me, tutoring a student, not you. But since it is the custom to illustrate a web page like this…
I prefer a holistic and integrated approach to tutoring.  Students work on and think about one class at a time, but often,  a subject area of concern occurs across multiple classes.  Key to improving academic performance is identifying one’s own weaknesses, but also, one’s own existing areas of strength.  Science is historically complex and quirky, and I feel it helps to understand the broader context of the subject in order to get, and get past, why certain concepts seem more complicated or difficult than they actually are.

I can’t make you smart. You already are smart.  But I may be able to guide you around certain pitfalls, or shed some needed light on a path you already know how to follow.

And, since I am just starting out in this business, I’m cheap.  For now. Get in while you can!


  • High School Life Science/Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Earth System Science
  • Environmental Science

In addition:

  • Writing help*
  • Learning Help
  • Speaking Help


  • Plymouth, Minnesota, and surrounding areas
  • Online meetings (via Zoom) or meet at your convenience


  • One half hour consultation: Free
  • First three lessons $40 per hour refundable
  • Regular price $55 per hour


Let me know if you are interested:

*I am not available to write essays for you!  What I can do is exemplary heavy editing, where I take what you are working on and cover it with helpful red ink, and then discuss strategies for improving writing.  You need to write your own stuff, but better writers got better because they worked with better editors early in their learning. If better grammar, better wording, better narrative choices, better clarity, and better impact are your goals, we can work on that.

Interested in SAT/ACT test prep? I like Chariot Learning, based in Upstate New York but available everywhere on line. But there are many other companies in the Twin Cities areas.

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