Grave New World

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My latest substack looks at:

1) The Grave New World Trump will make
2) Some electoral numbers and prospects for 2024
3) A proposal for how to address the MAGA threat to vote counting in Minnesota

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11 thoughts on “Grave New World

  1. Sounds like a good idea.

    How will you handle the mail in votes? Most of the hanky panky happens before it gets to be counted. Signature check and comparing envelope signature to inside signature, for example.

    How do you make sure ballot harvesting isn’t happening?

    How do you make sure votes are not being paid for?

    I am in favor of anything we can do to make sure each valid voter only gets a single vote. And anything we can do to filter out invalid voters (illegal aliens, non-resident voters and so forth).

    1. Ricka, stop with the baseless bullshit. There’s been no huge danger from early or mail in voting. We do know lots of Republicans have been caught doing shady things — caught trying, actually, but since they are authoritarians like you the only thing wrong there, in your mind, is that they got caught.

      Normal people would be worried about the things trump and his supporters say they will do to the country

    2. “Signature check and comparing envelope signature to inside signature, for example. ”

      My signature can vary from one use to another due to muscular skeletal issues. Should I be bared from a postal vote?

    3. Lionel A:

      You could have some trouble in many of the states (if you live in America). Many states have a signature verification requirement for mail in voting. Whether it makes sense or not is another question – but that is the law (in Minnesota for example). You would have to take it up with your local government.

  2. Dean:

    Here is an example of an Arizona problem (caused by a republican):,not%20have%20come%20to%20light.

    You should be worried about this. I am also.

    I am worried about similar issues caused by democrats, in this and every state.

    When an election is decided by 11000 votes or so, any little problem can change the result – whether by accident or intent. Our elections have to be bullet proof and fair.

    1. They are fair, and there is no evidence of the problems you keep whinging about. The fact that you are immune to facts in so many areas is well known, but that doesn’t make it any less tiring. It’s people like you [and the authoritarians, bigots, racists, misogynists, white supremacists, and worse, that you support] who truly threaten the country.

  3. If you think what happened in Arizona was fair than your definition of fair is different than mine.

    With Kari Lake, the printers printed the wrong size ballot on way more than the margin of victory – and all those ballots were rejected by the machines. How many people just gave up and didn’t vote? That is not fair.

    The only reason this was not litigated was because the count was not timely added to the complaint – not because it was judged “fair”. If it happened again and was properly litigated there is no question it would be judged “unfair”.

    1. Jesus rickA, your dedication to stupid ass conspiracy nonsense is depressing.

      Problems with ballot printers that caused lines to back up at some Phoenix-area polling places last year were not caused by malicious actions but by changes to the paper, a retired Arizona Supreme Court justice concluded in a report released Monday.

      County officials used longer ballots on thicker paper than had been used previously, changes that were made in part to respond to unfounded conspiracy theories but which pushed the printers to the edge of their capabilities, former Justice Ruth McGregor wrote.

      Your dishonesty hasn’t decreased at all over the last couple years.

    2. dean:

      When the machines refused to count their vote, some precincts put the ballot in a bottom drawer to be counted manually. Other precincts told people they had to go to another precinct and vote again. I wonder how many just gave up?

      If that happened to thousands of democrats, and the democrat lost the election – I can assure you that the democrats would sue and complain vociferously that they were cheated. It is no surprise that the republicans felt cheated.

      It was totally unfair and I am surprised you don’t agree with that. Put the shoe on the other foot and tell me you would be happy with what happened. How many precincts would you wander to, being rejected at each one, before you gave up?

  4. The major reason RickA is concerned about voting has been clear in many of his prior posts: early access to voting and easy access to voting lets too many minorities, elderly, and poor, vote. He was, and probably still is, a big fan of the far right moves in the south to remove polling places, forbid organizations to offer rides to polling places, and more, since those moves remove the people he views as “less” from the voting pool.

    As seen with discussions about climate change, rights, or anything else that opens the playing field to non-white wealthy men, he’s not an honest person: if it helps the wrong people [wrong in his eyes] it is a danger, facts and evidence to the contrary be damned.

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