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I am trained as an anthropologist, with a combined degree in archaeology and biological anthropology from a small east coast school. In the US, I’ve done fieldwork or consulting in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Arizona, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Oversees, I did work in Zaire and South Africa. I lived with the Efe Pygmies and Lese Horticulturalists of Zaire (now Congo), worked in the Semliki Valley (near the Rwenzori), and did extensive survey some excavation (including at Kroomdrai) and other work in South Africa, for a total of about four or five years. My main contributions that you would have come across anywhere have to do with the split between humans and chimps (as a result of a shift in diet) and the origin of the genus Homo (related to the invention of cooking). These days, I teach now and then, I write a lot, and I occasionally advise candidates on policy.

I think an “About” page is a great place to put answers to common questions, including questions I wish someone had asked, not just the ones they do ask. This blog (Greg Laden’s Blog) is new in format, though it dates back to the beginning of my blogging; The point is, there is nothing left of any earlier “About” pages I’ve set up here or at my former blog at Scienceblogs.com. So, this page represents (for now) a new FAQ project beginning now.

My Answers to the Questions you have Frequently Asked, or that I wish you had asked:

If you need to contact me, you can reach me at this email address.

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