What can you buy at a gay adult shop in Canada for $67?

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Conservative Republican Mayor Greg Davis’ Adult Gay Canadian Bookstore Problem

Which is worse:

He’s a Republican Family Values (read: Anti-Gay) Conservative who is, apparently, gay;
He’s spending taxpayer money to buy gay stuff in a gay adult bookstore; or
He’s spending said Taxpayer (And that’s Mississippi Taxpayer) money in a foreign country!?!? (Canada)

The Raw Story Reports:

“At this point in my life and in my career, while I have tried to maintain separation between my personal and public life, it is obvious that this can no longer remain the case … While I have performed my job as mayor, in my opinion, as a very conservative, progressive individual — and still continue to be a very conservative individual — I think that it is important that I discuss the struggles I have had over the last few years when I came to the realization that I am gay”

Apparently he has misspent just under 200 thousand dollars, but only $67 of that was at “Priape, Canada’s premiere gay lifestyle store and sex shop”

He doesn’t remember what he bought at the gay adult sex shop in Canada.

So, here’s your assignment. Go to Priape and find something that costs about 67 dollars. Report back.

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14 thoughts on “What can you buy at a gay adult shop in Canada for $67?

  1. Canada is kinda of a big place. I would need an expense account and perhaps $2500 as a per idem. Billable to the RNC?

  2. The website says there is a “Warrior Mask” for sale for $65.

    And what the hell is a “very conservative progressive individual”?

  3. And what the hell is a “very conservative progressive individual”?

    At a guess, someone who is neither conservative nor progressive, combining the worst aspects of people who are either.

  4. a very conservative, progressive individual

    I’m having trouble understanding a lot of the stuff that FTB bloggers are quoting today. It’s almost as if sanctimonious religious fuckwads speak an entirely different language.

  5. Canada must have had a bigger influence on him than he realises. One of our national political parties was called the Progressive-Conservative Party, until it merged with the Reform/Alliance and became just Conservative. At the provincial level, there are a whole bunch of PC parties still around.

    Still don’t know what he bought for $67. Must have made up his own gift-pack!

  6. @isilzhaveni good try but Quebec – the scoundrels – applies the federal sales tax (5%) first then the provincial sales tax (8.4%) on top of that total (taxing the tax), giving them an effective tax rate of 13.925% so his actual purchase was more like ~$59.80 depending on whether that $67 is accurate or they left off the cents.

  7. @Kit: You’re a few years behind. The total sales tax in Ontario used to be 15%, (8%PST+7%GST), but the reformatories dropped the GST to 5% several years ago.

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