Last US Troops: Wheels Up in Iraq

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It is done. The very last US Troops1 left Iraq a few moments ago, according to reports. And when I say “wheels up” I speak metaphorically, because I think they may have driven over into Kuwait.

1Except the ones that I assume are still there somewhere.

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6 thoughts on “Last US Troops: Wheels Up in Iraq

  1. Oops, it didn’t last even a week:

    Iraq issues arrest warrant for Sunni VP

    “We are urging all sides to work to resolve differences peacefully and through dialogue in a manner consistent with the rule of law and the democratic political process.” — Jay Carney, White House spokesman

  2. I would just like to know how many Blackwater/XE/whatever-they-call-themselves-this-week remain. How many contract-laborers/slaves from India and Jordan are there whose passports have been confiscated? How long until the Iraqis elect a Taliban-like government?

    We took a country that was fucked by Saddam and left it even worse off.

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