Why do NASCAR fans hate our troops?

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Several NASCAR fans booed two women who were announcing the start of a race (with the famous words “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!”). The women were part of the “Joining Forces” initiative, which is in support of military families. The women stood next to retired Army Sgt. Andrew Barry, who was wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is unclear why NASCAR fans hate America.


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4 thoughts on “Why do NASCAR fans hate our troops?

  1. “Love” the comments over there. Keep it KKKlassy Republicans.

    And as much as that cheeses me, I think this just means her husband is going to redouble his efforts of winning these folks over by giving into the demands of the nut-job wing of the right.

    The news in the US is just filling me with rage tonight.

  2. It is unclear why NASCAR fans hate America.

    Well, if you love NASCAR, you just gotta love the Republican vision for the country: eternally going in circles with frequent spectacular crashes. That’s why so few NASCAR fans are Democrats.

  3. “Two women” – Who happened to be specifically Michelle Obama the First Lady and Jill Biden the ..hmmm .. “First Vice Lady” / “Vice First” lady doesn’t sound quite right does it?! 😉

    That explains it although it certainly does NOT justify it.

    Ye-probably-non-existent-gods overheated rabid political hyper-partisanship stinks.

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