Kabooom!!!! Rick Perry War On Christmas Salvo Backfires!

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Check out the homophobic anti everybody whinging crybaby Rick Perry happy holidays video:

Now, go to YouTube and DISLIKE IT. He’s got over 300K dislikes so far. Join in the fun kicking Rick Perry’s Video in the teeth while its down!


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1 thought on “Kabooom!!!! Rick Perry War On Christmas Salvo Backfires!

  1. in the news from washington, this is reporter Full Ofit O’reilly. The pentagon reports that government troops have reportedly killed 300 insurgent reindeer, while disabling 43 enemy sleigh vehicles. It is also reported that insurgent leader Santa Claus has retaliated with the killing of 123 government troops as the War on Christmas escalates. All talks between government officials and Jesus Christ have broken down at this time. Both sides hope that when peace embassadors Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly meet with the president next week that a truce may be possible. However, critics continue to remain skeptical that any meaningful progress will take place.

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