Apologize for telling the truth? NBC and Jimmy Fallon drop the ball.

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Michele Bachmann intentionally lies. She lies to gain power, she lies for personal gain, she lies all the time. So, when the band on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show played ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’ … which, is, apparently, a song, they were making a fairly accurate statement.

One might question its appropriateness as a song or the use of the word “bitch” but aside from that, the shoe fit. There was no reason for NBC or Jimmy Fallon to apologize. Michele Bachmann is the one that needs to apologize.

Here’s the event in question:

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8 thoughts on “Apologize for telling the truth? NBC and Jimmy Fallon drop the ball.

  1. I do question the appropriateness of the song. Did Fallon call her out on lies during the interview? (I didn’t see it, don’t watch talk shows.) Or was the crew just smirking like schoolboys about their cleverness? If you’re calling someone a liar, get some eggs, and say it straight out.

  2. I have no idea. I’m not entirely sure who this Fallon chap is.

    The band does not get to ask questions, but they do get to play the music. And they did. I won’t begrudge them their freedom of expression!

  3. Hmm … Seems a bit rude and tasteless. Bad manners.

    Even if the music is appropriate for her! 😉

    Wonder if she knew what was being played to introduce her?

    She said “happy to be here” with a really forced, awkward looking smile there didn’t she? Then again, I don’t know if the host was genuine about “appreciating her being there either.”

  4. Thinking more about it, don’t know if this is interesting or not but I wouldn’t mind if they used that music to a clip of her – perhaps telling some of her lies versus the truth as a montage-y thingummy – without her being there in person but introducing her with it and playing that to her face seems really mean & rude.

    Not sure if that says more about this episode, culture generally or me but, there you are.

  5. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know what the song is. I have mixed feelings about the appropriateness of what was done here, as I indicate in the post, but I lean towards not having any sympathy for the candidate and agreeing with the band, assuming that they really do have this one way of expressing themselves.

    It may all depend on what one believes about whether or not a person can go over some line beyond which they no longer deserve or are entitled to the usual social considerations. We’ve had this discussion (over at Almost Diamonds, mostly) about whether or not a worthless and highly offensive dick like Franc Hoggle should be “outed” despite the fact that we generally think anonymity should be protected. The conclusion of that, by the broad community, was that there was no reason in the world that Franc Hoggle should receive any further protection and that it would be perfectly OK to out him. The fact (which I think is true) that he has not been outed is probably due to his insignificance.

    In the case of Michele Bachmann, I personally think that she has gone Very Far beyond the point where she deserves the basic social considerations. This could be because I’ve been dealing with her (as have many others) for much longer than most readers of this blog. She was in our state legislature before she was a member of congress, and she represented our adjoining district for much longer than she was a presidential candidate. And, in fact, and I can’t publicly talk about this for ethical reasons, she has personally (in a political way) attacked me, and interfered with my ability to do my job as an educator. I don’t take that personally … i.e., my reaction to her is dispassionate and not personal. I’m just saying that the potential for her to do damage to our society is something I’ve seen first hand, up close and personal.

    Given all that, Michele Bachmann has pretty much lost any reasonable appeal to social graces, in my opinion. For most other progressives she probably lost that when she called for a McCarthy like investigation of everyone who did not share her politics.

    So yeah, I say: Strike up the band!

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