Michele Bachmann will be President of Gay Americans

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Because they are, after all, Americans.

This is old but someone just pointed me to it and I thought you would enjoy it.

Or hate it, or whatever:

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5 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann will be President of Gay Americans

  1. I find it amusing how she’s trying to side step these questions. If you actually think you’re taking the moral high ground and are correct, why are you so afraid to answer the question?

    They know answering the way they actually think is going to make them sound like total pricks, so they just try to avoid the issue all together.

    At least have a spine and say what you think. If you’re so afraid to say it, maybe it’s time for you to reevaluate your position.

  2. Loved that! It’s amazing how such fools think they can run for office! She’s in the scrapyard of political history now, perhaps a bit of a tribute to American common wisdom.

  3. Larry, she’s still in the Congress, to which she’s been elected three times. We can only hope there won’t be a fourth.

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