Bachmann’s New Hampshire Prospects Diminished

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It is very important to me that Michele Bachmann do well in New Hampshire. Without a strong showing in the “Live Free or Die” state, her prospects for being the Republican Nominee are reduced. And we very much want Michele Bachmann to be the Republican Nominee.

However, the New Hampshire Union Leader has elected to endorse another candidate.

“There’s a lot of different endorsements that come from a lot of papers, and the main endorsement that I’m looking forward to is the one here in Iowa on January 3rd in the caucuses,” Bachmann said.


The other candidate deemed more worthy by the Union Leader was New Gingrich, of whom the esteemed newspaper said “Newt Gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate.”

Gingerich has angered Tea Party members by suggesting that illegals from Mexico be given something more or less like amnesty, rather than being jailed or deported. Michele Bachmann would never do that! Which makes her kind of a dick, but still, we need her to be the Republican Nominee. Lets just hope she does well in Iowa.

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4 thoughts on “Bachmann’s New Hampshire Prospects Diminished

  1. It’s important to everyone that Ms. Bachmann becomes the Republican candidate — or at least gets enough early support to stay in the race. It’s especially important to those in Minnesota’s 6th district.

    Go Michelle!

  2. Every single candidate running for the Republican nomination is a major dick. I want them each to get 9 percent of every vote. The more debates they have, the more exposed these dicks get to the independents and swing voters who are beginning to despise every one of these dicks.

  3. I need Michelle Bachman to garner the nomination, as she is almost assuredly going to get steamrolled by the entire Democratic party. Michelle’s nomination (hope hope!) ensures a democratic victory!

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