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Bachmann’s Political Future?

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann in New Hampshire in June (Jason Claffey)

It is possible that Michele Bachmann could become the next President of the United States of America.

OK, that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

But more and more people are talking about her campaign crashing, even though she seems to have plans to go to New Hampshire.

From AP:

“Congress is too small for Michele,” said Jack Tomczak, a former political director for Bachmann’s congressional campaign. “Leadership has never given her the opportunity to do much. So I think she’s going to be looking for other avenues where she can be more successful.”

Maybe. But she does seem to be pressing forward:

The Minnesota Congresswoman will be in the Granite State from Oct. 9-12, including stops in Nashua, North Conway, Moultonborough, Henniker and then Hanover for the Oct. 11 debate at Dartmouth College, said Jeff Chidester, the candidate’s senior campaign adviser for New Hampshire.

My strong preference is that she stays in the presidential race long enough to not be able to run for Congress, embarrasses herself and her Tea Party a whole bunch, then fizzles.

Michele Bachmann should refund her salary

Ripple in Stillwater has been keeping track:

Michele Bachmann has failed to show up for work in Congress 58.7 percent of the time since July 1, missing 145 out of 247 roll call votes. The last time Bachmann even cast a vote was August 1. If we were to pay our goldbricking congresswoman on a pro rata basis for the time she was actually working for us in the past three months, we would dock her $174,000 annual paycheck $25,534.50.


Bachmann at the Debate

With each iteration of campaigning and debating, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann melts down a little more, and in last nights debate, she hardly figured.

But there was a little bit of action:

Aside from the Perry-Romney duel, there was the unfinished business from the last debate of Rep. Michele Bachmann and the HPV vaccine. Baier asked the Minnesota congresswoman the inevitable question: did she still stand by her comment that a woman who approached her after the last debate had told her a daughter became “mentally retarded” after getting the HPV vaccine?

Further, did she stand by her comment that the vaccine was dangerous even after medical authorities uniformly refuted her claim and called the congresswoman perilous to public health?

Bachmann said don’t shoot the messenger, then quickly pivoted to an attack on Perry’s 2006 executive order that required 12-year old girls in Texas to receive the vaccine.

REP. BACHMANN: Well, first, I didn’t make that claim, nor did I make that statement. Immediately after the debate, a mother came up to me, and she was visibly shaken and heartbroken because of what her daughter had gone through, and so I only related what her story was.

But here’s the real issue. Governor Perry mandated a health care decision on all 12-year-old little girls in the state of Texas…

Perry defended himself by saying he had been lobbied on the issue by a 41-year old woman who had cervical cancer. According to reports, however, he met with the woman after he signed the executive order.

So, apparently, none of them care much about honest or accuracy.

I predict that she’ll withdraw from the race within 14 days, though I really want her to stay in.

Michele Bachmann FTW!!!

Michele Bachmann! We thought you were out of the race, but then you went and WON the Tea Party Debate by telling Rick Perry that he was a fascist. Then, you went ahead and joined the Anti-Vax movement!

I’m pretty sure the anti-Vax movement does not overlap much with the Tea Party, so this is a major boost for Minnestoa’s Own Michele Bachmann!

(Click to see video)

Michele, I truly hope this keeps you in the race and advances you in the polls. Seriously. I want that very very much.

Bachmann Campaign Sabotaged?

As you probably have heard, Ed Rollins, the very man who said “I gotta make a choice and go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive,” has left the Michele Bachmann for President Campaign. His senior deputy heavy hitter David Polyansky is also departing.

I’m pretty sure that this is step three in a three-step sabotage plan that Michele Bachmann herself is blissfully unaware of.

Continue reading Bachmann Campaign Sabotaged?

Michele Bachmann’s Government

If Michele Bachmann is elected president, which is a distinct possibility, she will work towards the elimination of all aspects of the Federal Government that were not specified in the original constitution of the founding fathers.

It is not clear if she would accept constitutional amendments put into place after the original version. I’m thinking not, but she has not clarified her position on this.

Anyway, Bachmann recently told Tea Party members that she’d eliminate the Department of Education because only parents and states should educate children, The Affordable Care Act because she sees “the current government is acting outside the bounds of the constitution. Probably the most obvious would be this, Obamacare and the individual mandate that is unconstitutional and is currently contained in Obamacare.”

On abortion, CNN reports:

When asked if she would try and overturn Roe v. Wade, which gives women the right to an abortion, Bachmann said she would put forth a human life amendment and do everything in her power to restrict abortions.

If you have a strong feeling about Bachmann’s stand on any of these issues, consider voicing it in the Main Stream Media. Like here for instance.

Michele Bachmann is an Idiot

You heard it here first!

Well, actually, you may have heard it before, but now we have proof!

Consider this:

“Our K-12 public school system, of which ninety per cent of all youth are in the public school system, they will be required to learn that homosexuality is normal, equal and perhaps you should try it. And that will occur immediately, that all schools will begin teaching homosexuality.” –

And this:

“Unelected bureaucracies will decide what we can and can’t get in future health policy. That’s why they’re called death panels.”

And this:

“This cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

You’ve probably heard these gems and many others, but now there is an internet resource that collects Classic Michele Bachmann Quotes. It’s called …

Michele Bachmann is an Idiot

and you can visit it by clicking … HERE.

Bachmann’s Buddy Advocates Death to … well, lots of people.

I’m not sure how close Michele Bachmann is to Gary DeMar, but they have shared a podium and there is a certain similarity between positions held by Bachmann, her husband1, Bradlee Dean and DeMar.

DeMar has written:

Homosexuals who practice behind closed doors are out-of-bounds for the courts, of course, unless others witness their criminal behavior. Such behavior may not be dealt with by courts in history, but will be dealt with by God, either in history (e.g., AIDS) or eternity. The law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectually drives the perversion of homosexuality underground, back to the closet, to the dark realm of shameful activity.

…we must elect public officials who say they will vote for Biblical laws. First and foremost, this means voting to prohibit abortion. While few Christians are willing to go this far, the longterm goal should be the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them. If we argue that abortion is murder, then we must call for the death penalty. If abortionists are not supposed to be executed, then they are not murderers, and if they are not murderers, why do we want to abolish abortion? In short, Christians must learn to think consistently.

DMB has the details here and Joe My God does too.

This guy really wants to kill all the gays, and he really is part of Bachmann’s “Take Back America” movement. And by “Take Back America” I think they mean “Take American From The Sane People.”

1I mention Michele’s husband because she has explicitly stated that according to her deeply held belief system, she runs all of her decisions by her husband for approval, and it appears that he has veto power. Thus, no consideration of Michele’s stance on issues or ability to perform in office can ever be made without a consideration of his as well. This is unfortunate and rather medieval, but true.