Bachmann at the Debate

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With each iteration of campaigning and debating, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann melts down a little more, and in last nights debate, she hardly figured.

But there was a little bit of action:

Aside from the Perry-Romney duel, there was the unfinished business from the last debate of Rep. Michele Bachmann and the HPV vaccine. Baier asked the Minnesota congresswoman the inevitable question: did she still stand by her comment that a woman who approached her after the last debate had told her a daughter became “mentally retarded” after getting the HPV vaccine?

Further, did she stand by her comment that the vaccine was dangerous even after medical authorities uniformly refuted her claim and called the congresswoman perilous to public health?

Bachmann said don’t shoot the messenger, then quickly pivoted to an attack on Perry’s 2006 executive order that required 12-year old girls in Texas to receive the vaccine.

REP. BACHMANN: Well, first, I didn’t make that claim, nor did I make that statement. Immediately after the debate, a mother came up to me, and she was visibly shaken and heartbroken because of what her daughter had gone through, and so I only related what her story was.

But here’s the real issue. Governor Perry mandated a health care decision on all 12-year-old little girls in the state of Texas…

Perry defended himself by saying he had been lobbied on the issue by a 41-year old woman who had cervical cancer. According to reports, however, he met with the woman after he signed the executive order.

So, apparently, none of them care much about honest or accuracy.

I predict that she’ll withdraw from the race within 14 days, though I really want her to stay in.

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2 thoughts on “Bachmann at the Debate

  1. I hope she stays in the race at least through most of the primaries. Having a “true believer” in the mix is much more entertaining than the professional liars debating nuances.

  2. Any thoughts on Gary Johnson? So far I’ve only seen him mentioned on a few specialist blogs, and the commentary I’ve seen is uniformly positive.

    This deeply worries me. Corkscrew’s Law of Leadership: the longer it takes a group to tell you about their boss’s scary predilections, the more disturbing they’ll be.

    There is of course an outside chance that he’s genuinely a nice guy… but come on, he’s running for Pres.

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