Michele Bachmann FTW!!!

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Michele Bachmann! We thought you were out of the race, but then you went and WON the Tea Party Debate by telling Rick Perry that he was a fascist. Then, you went ahead and joined the Anti-Vax movement!

I’m pretty sure the anti-Vax movement does not overlap much with the Tea Party, so this is a major boost for Minnestoa’s Own Michele Bachmann!

(Click to see video)

Michele, I truly hope this keeps you in the race and advances you in the polls. Seriously. I want that very very much.

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3 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann FTW!!!

  1. She won’t beat Obama, it will be fun to watch her campaign crash and burn, she will leave Congress, and once you lose after taking over the party like that they eat you alive. It’s a win win win win situation!

  2. The basic reaction around here when Perry pushed for Gardasil, the only Perry position I support, was that Perry was calling our 12 year olds a bunch of sluts.

    We need more HPV vaccination, and for at least some of the boys too. Not only do males sometimes have their own HPV problems (thank you Planned Parenthood for helping me out when I didn’t have insurance. I followed your advice and am likely no longer a carrier) but vaccinates boys would not be a major vector to girls who had not had the vaccine. HPV is an infection where you can get a lot of heard immunity with fairly modest vaccination rates.

    But all this is mostly about twelve year olds being called sluts. It doesn’t matter that a few years before they are most likely to become sexually active is the best time to vaccinate. It doesn’t matter that immune response peaks shortly after this age. It doesn’t matter that women might have their lives saved or have a greater quality of life. It doesn’t matter that treatment for cervical hyperplasia sometimes reduces a woman’s fertility. It doesn’t matter that sometimes guys get get, well, you know…. Just don’t acknowledge that any child will grow up to be an individual who makes sexual decisions.

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