Michele Bachmann and HPV

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2 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann and HPV

  1. Rebecca

    I remember child seats hung over the back of the seat and unsecured except by gravity. My first car didn’t even have seat belts. I had measles, mumps, and chicken pox.
    Somehow we survived, perhaps because we were lucky.

    Keep trying, some of us have learned that the old ways may not be the best!

  2. Well, yes, of course, “we” survived because “we” exist! Then there are the ones that didn’t

    As a kid I’d’ve been happy with that hanging car sea rather than being packed like luggage with the 5hp boat motor in the back of the wagon! Anyway, comaeping 1989 to 1002 fatalities among children in auto accidents across various seat-belt and car seat adopting countries (wikipedia, their choice of years) there is between a 16 and 51 percent decline in deaths.

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