President Michele Bachmann

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Imagine it. Then go brush your teeth because I know you just threw up a little in your mouth.


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10 thoughts on “President Michele Bachmann

  1. That ship is sinking fast. Most of her campaign staff in Iowa and New Hampshire have fled. Since the uber-idiot Perry jumped into the race, almost all of her campaign donors have bailed.

  2. The eternal question: Is she really that stupid, or is she just pandering to people that stupid?

    I see that “or” as inclusive, not exclusive, and no need for the “just.”

  3. I keep wondering, is she really that stupid or intentionally lying, but I think the answer is a resounding “Yes”. The scariest part to me is that shes not really that noticeably worse than the vast majority of Republicans in general.

  4. Does anyone remember an device from the sixties called a mellotron. Essentially it was a keyboard that when you pressed a key a 6 sec of a taped recording (one piece of tape per key) of a musical instrument would play. This way a band could have strings or whatnot in their music (The Moody Blues used one).

    Now I wonder what caused me to remember the mellotron?

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