Michele Bachmann Campaign in Death Spiral

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Bachmann’s New Hampshire campaign staff, noting that their main goal was still to make sure that Obama is a “one term president,” has walked away from Michele Bachmann’s campaign citing disgruntlement with Bachmann’s national campaign staff.

Here’s a shortened version of the press release from the NH staff, via DMB and the Strib

PRESS RELEASE Bachmann?s New Hampshire Campaign Departs

The Team cites lack of support and poor communication as reasons for leaving

– The NH Team didn?t want to leave the campaign, but it should be clear the entire NH team has departed.

– Everyone should understand that the NH Team realizes the importance of this election

– The NH team is committed to making Obama a one-term president, but it will be through other organizations/campaigns.

– The team holds no ill will towards the candidate, but not longer feels relevant based on their poor relationship with the national team.

Team-NH of the Bachmann Campaign has decided to disband. …

The team also wants to clarify some of the confusion regarding their departure. While they collectively felt loyalty to the candidate, they no longer have faith in the national team. This is a sentiment that has been building since June, and was expressed on numerous occasions to members of the national team; it is now apparent that Team NH?s concerns were not fully shared with Congresswoman Bachmann, and were not taken seriously by some members of the national team. These are symptoms of the disease that infects too many members of the national campaign team.

It is also important that the chain of events of our departure is properly reported. During Congresswoman Bachmann?s recent trip to New Hampshire, several incidents happened that concerned some members of Team-NH. Those incidents will remain private, but they were serious enough for some members to depart the campaign. …

Additionally, members of Team-NH made numerous attempts to directly contact a senior member of the national team on Friday, October 14, 2011, expressing a possible desire to remain with the campaign, but they wanted to clear up a few matters. This senior member of the national campaign did not attempt to contact the NH campaign staffers. The staffers took this as a signal…

The manner in which some in the national team conducted themselves towards Team-NH was rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel. But more concerning was how abrasive, discourteous, and dismissive some within the national team were towards many New Hampshire citizens. These are our neighbors and our friends, and some within the national team treated them more as a nuisance than as potential supporters.

Through all this chaos, Team-NH was never involved in the shifting strategy discussions. Team members were repeatedly ignored regarding simple requests, sometimes going weeks with little or no contact with the national team. Yet the members of Team-NH remained committed to Congressman Bachmann, often at peril to their own personal and professional reputations within New Hampshire.

Sadly, all of this could have been avoided. It saddens this team to see a dedicated patriot – a person so desperately needed in the White House – sequestered behind a wall of pretense, guarded by political operatives consumed by their own egos.

It is distressing that the motives of the members of Team-NH who are now departing the campaign are being questioned. Team-NH has always been dedicated to Congresswoman Bachmann. They’ve worked very hard over the past several months to ensure her success in NH. We wish her well and will continue to work toward our shared goal of making President Obama a one-term president.

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