Bachmann Quits Presidential Bid

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Only hours after indicating that she would take the fight to New Hampshire, we now hear that Michele Bachmann will suspend her presidential bid today. She is expected to make the announcement soon from West Des Moines.

This is a surprise and a disappointment. Michele told us that both God and her husband thought she should run for president. The de facto founder of the Tea Party hast quit after the first real contest, which in turn followed a hollow victory at the Sraw Poll. The Tea-Tossing Patriots of the American Nation had a surprise victory at Lexington and Concord followed by a trouncing at their first real contest, at Bunker Hill, but they did not quit. No. They continued the fight, dragging cannons over the snowy Berkshires and training the weapons on the British Fort in Boston, driving them out. Then they went on to win the American Revolution and found the greatest nation ever.

But Michele Bachmann has encountered one significant loss and is quitting the race. This is very, very disappointing for many reasons.

Including, and especially, the fact that this probably means she will run for re-election to congress in Minnesota’s 6th district. Which I can see from my living room. Damn.

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7 thoughts on “Bachmann Quits Presidential Bid

  1. …Minnesota’s 6th district. Which I can see from my living room. Damn.

    Hell, it is my living room. Double damn.

    Seriously, I hate her so much.

  2. I’m hoping someone asks her to be their vice-presidential candidate. Barring that, I’m hoping the redistricting moves me out of her district.

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