May I Direct Your Attention to Ring Number Two!

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… of my bloggy three-ring circus.

Over the years, I’ve blogged quite a bit about election politics, with increasing attention paid at appropriate times, including the Minnesota Recount (winner: Al Franken!) and other timely issues. As of last night, the 2012 election season is officially up and running, and for general election commentary, I’ll be blogging mainly at The X Blog, and I just wanted to draw your attention to that. For example, we have what I said before the Iowa Caucuses (The Meaning and Significance of Tonight’s Iowa Caucuses) and what I said after the Iowa Caucuses (Bachmann Moves Ahead “Full Steam” after Iowa Victory …)

This does not mean that there will not be election related blogging here. After all, the current “front runner” for the Republican Party seems to be Rick Santorum, and he may be the most denialist of the denialists with respect to Anthropogenic Global Warming in the race. So we will be addressing that and other issues here, of course.

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