Oops… The Top Ten GOP FLOPS of 2011

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OK, that’s all funny and everything, but I’m very disappointed in both the producers of this piece and in some of the attitudes associated with it.

First, where the hell is Michele Bachmann? Michele produces a “Greatest Moment” every time she opens her mouth! Has Bachmann’s ever flowing river of crazy become the new normal, so that it isn’t even noticed by political satirists anymore? That, my friends, is exactly what I warned about when she first started running. Well, I said that mainly in my own head, but I’m sure you figured it out too. Bedtime for Bonzo isn’t just a think you say when it is bed time. Its a movie starring the man considered by the majority of Americans to be the greatest president who ever existed in the United States of America.

The second thing that is somewhat disappointing is, of course, the polarization. The woman commenting on Gingrich’s child labor remark expressed my feelings exactly. Gingrich’s suggestion to enslave the poor children of the inner cities to clean toilets is a bad idea, but one that can be transformed into a good one. A youth jobs program is a great idea. They used to be more common, and have often been part economic stimulus. But not like Gingrich says. More like the lady in the video says.

And finally, since Michele Bachmann was left out of this video, here’s a makeup video, with Sarah Palin:

I love the Boston Accent on Paul.

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One thought on “Oops… The Top Ten GOP FLOPS of 2011

  1. What, they left out that ad where Rick Perry was saying the US was a Christian nation and gay-bashing whilst wearing the jacket from Brokeback Mountain -and Michelle bachmann inferaof her life when she met an unthreatening lesbian in a public toilet?

    I’d have said that the Top Ten Republican flops were :

    I) Donald “Birther” Trump

    II) Michelle (“oh”) Bachmann

    III) Rick “I’m not gay its just a jacket” Perry

    IV) Newt “the slimey old one” Gingrich

    V) Sara “quitting before I’ve even started the race” Palin

    VI) Chris “Another non-runner” Christie

    VII) Mike “not running neither” Huckabee

    VIII) Santorum the unmemorable

    IX) Ron “we didn’t learn our lesson about elderly white men last time” Paul

    & finally

    X) Fox or as its often also spelt Faux “news” fro failing attempts at propaganda.

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