The Perfect Holiday Gift

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For your uncle who is in the Tea Party!

The Madness of Michele Bachmann: A Broad-Minded Survey of a Small-Minded Candidate is a “… fact-packed exposé [with] all the dirty little secrets that Michele Bachmann would rather you didn’t know…”

Folks in Minnesota have been watching Michele Bachmann for a lot longer than the national press corps, and as far as I can tell, the national press has utterly ignored some of the more interesting episodes in her public life. I suppose they were waiting until later on in the election cycle to bring up some of these interesting moments.

But you don’t have to wait. I have not read this book, but I’ve been reading the authors’s work for years, and I’m quite sure it will have everything about Bachmann’s Krazy with the possible exception of the story of how I started her out in her political career (I believe the author is unaware of that little episode, and frankly, I don’t like to talk about it much).

Since Michele Bachmann became a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, journalists have been plumbing the depths of the well-regarded blog Dump Bachmann for material on her. Now the bloggers themselves pour forth a decade’s worth of research and analysis to show that, no matter what you’ve heard about Bachmann, there’s worse. Much worse. After dogging her heels for the past decade, they reveal the blood-curdling truth about the woman who may well become the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee.

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