Will Bachmann run for Congress or not?

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Michele Bachmann
If Michele Bachmann plans to be president, why is she leaving the people in her district hanging?

If she does not become President of the United States and the Free World and stuff, that is.

Increasingly, as her apparent irrelevance in the presidential race, which has been very dissapointing to me, sets in and congeals like bad Minnesota Jello, this question becomes important. Is she or is she not going to run for re-election to Congress?

Well, at the moment, Bachmann insists that her campaign is going just fine and she plans to keep running for President. I would think, though, that if she was truly optimistic, and if she is trusting in God who told her to run in the first place, that she’s simply tell everyone in her district that she won’t be running for Congress, so they can move on and prepare for not having her as their representative. Whatever that might or might not involved.

MinnPost has been covering this and reports:

Bachmann said she isn’t fazed by recent poll numbers showing a dramatic slump in her fortunes:

“We’re just starting a kick-off today of four days here in New Hampshire and we’ve got a wonderful experience in Iowa and we’ve been in South Carolina, Florida, we’ve worked very hard and we have very strong numbers in those states and we’re looking forward to continuing that.”

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6 thoughts on “Will Bachmann run for Congress or not?

  1. That has to be a video still picked out to be the most unflattering picture one could find. A bit distracting, actually.

    I imagine that it’s darn hard to run for the House of Representatives and President/Senator/Governor at the same time* — at least a Senator or Governor has a chance to run for President in a year she isn’t up for reelection.

    Of course, it could be that Rep. Bachmann figures her district is the sort where all she needs is that R by her name to get reelected and that the local Republicans won’t try to mount a serious congressional primary campaign against a seated Congressperson and Presidential hopeful unless she’s seriously in the party’s bad graces.

    (I wish they would — Rep. Bachmann is sufficiently far from my own political opinions that I’m likely to find any replacement more palatable even if her replacement is Representative Log.)

    * For that matter, it seems like it’s darn hard to be a seated politician and run for President. Neither Obama nor McCain had particularly stellar attendance records in the Senate in ’08.

  2. It would be pleasant to think that her abysmal polling nationally might negatively affect her in Minnesota. Probably not though.

  3. That has to be a video still picked out to be the most unflattering picture one could find. A bit distracting, actually.

    I entered the appropriate search terms in google images and this was the first closeup.

    Have you seen her in real life? Don’t assume that she’s not insane looking most of the time. She is. That is not to say one couldn’t pick out a non-crazy looking image, but why bother? She is a) crazy and b) crazy looking. NMP!

    You are probably right bout her district. I’d like to know what people have done in the past… I’m pretty sure Senators rarely step aside to run for president, Governors may have done, but again, rarely. Perhaps members of the house do more often because they have short terms…. so if they run for president it’s hard to justify why they are in office in the house to begin with. But it would be nice to have some data.

    might negatively affect her in Minnesota.

    Well, it will. But not so much in her district.

  4. You would think that Minnesota could manage to field a Democrat who would actually campaign against Bachmann (unlike El Tinklenberg) and who had name recognition in the entire district (unlike Tarryl Clark) but it looks like our best bet is redistricting.

  5. Yeah, the pic makes Bachmann look even crazier than usual, but I think you did a good job picking that one, Greg. I imagine it was pretty hard to resist the infamous corndog pic, though.

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