Michele Bachmann, You’ve Had A Gaffe. Or two.

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Michele Bachmann claims she’s never had a gaff, and therefore should be the Republican to run against Obama.

Michele, here is a short list of your gaffs, mainly covering only recent ones:

  • Academic “freedom” legislation
  • Acorn comments
  • Advised citizens to violate law and ignore census
  • Bachmann’s own bridge to nowhere
  • Bathroomgate
  • Check with husband before making any decisions as president
  • Concord v. Concord
  • Eliminate all taxes
  • Elvis Presley’s Name
  • Elwin Tinklenberg’s Spit Take (Immigration)
  • Ending program to make the U.S. more like China
  • End teen bullying by abolishing the Department of Education
  • Equated her campaign with the ill fated “Charge of the Light Brigade”
  • FDR caused a recession
  • French Kissed George Bush
  • George Bush didn’t really up the debt much
  • God told her to run for office
  • Hezbollah’s missile sites in Cuba
  • Hiding in the bushes gate
  • Hurricanes = god’s wrath for governmental spending
  • Insists Mitt Romney is not a Christian
  • Investigate Democrats as Anti American
  • John Wayne v. John Wayne Gacy
  • No college aid for combat vets
  • No Pork Pledge except for Farm Subsidies For Herself
  • Pals around with Bradlee Dean
  • Paul Revere talked trash to the British (and was not himself British) Oh, no, wait, that was Palin, never mind.
  • Pray away the gay
  • Promised 1 dollar a gallon gasoline
  • Re-educatoin camps
  • Refused to help with I35 bridge collapse emergency
  • The Candidates Marriage Vow and Pro Slavery Stance vs. Whoopi Goldberg and The View
  • Thought she was already president for a while (waterboardinggate)
  • Town Hall Meeting Gate
  • Used Census data despite her opposition to the census
  • Vaccines cause mental retardation
  • Waterboarding = Nuclear war in Japan = Good

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22 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann, You’ve Had A Gaffe. Or two.

  1. Don’t forget this one:

    “Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.”

    This woman doesn’t even understand how to breathe.

  2. Michelle’s right, because for her, a gaffe is when she says something that is factually correct. Therefore, she hasn’t had any gaffes in this campaign.

  3. I’m so glad there’s a Michele Bachmann. Anytime someone starts to give me a hard time about Texas producing the really nutty politicians, I just say “Bachmann.” If she weren’t cross-eyed, I bet she’d shoot a coyote, too.

  4. Contrast the reflex demagoguery of Obama with the intellectual integrity of Congresswoman Bachmann, who remains a principled Constitutional Conservative whatever her audience.
    Barack Obama said that he campaigned “in all 57 states;” that our country was founded “20 centuries ago;” pronounced Navy Corpsman “corpseman;” called “Austrian” a foreign language; referred to “The President of Canada” and to Europe as “a country.”
    At a 11/13/11 press conference in Honolulu, President Obama, born in Hawaii, mistakenly described his location as “Asia”. There are 50 States in the USA. But there are 57 Muslim States in the world: a Freudian slip by Barack Hussein Obama.
    More significantly, Obama lied about his relationship with convicted terrorist Bill Ayers, whom Obama called “some guy in the neighborhood.” Ayers was an early Obama political supporter. Obama began his campaign for the Illinois State Senate at a fundraiser at Ayers’ house.
    Obama has degrees from Ivy League colleges. He did time as a part-time professor. At Columbia, Harvard and the University of Chicago, he absorbed the politically correct nostrums of the academic left. But he did not learn critical thinking skills. He did not have to learn how to think, since he was thinking all the “right” thoughts anyway. So he came to office with lots of ideological preconceptions but without the ability to adapt or innovate. As a result, he is simply in over his head intellectually–at the mercy of allies, opponents, and events.

  5. Cmacma, everyone has gaffes, including Obama. I speak in public every weekday and I make minor errors (which I usually notice and correct) on occasion. A key difference between Bachmann and Obama is that if you were to ask Obama if Europe was a country, he would likely say no, he had misspoke earlier. Bachmann prefers to double down on the stupid. She refuses to back down from her remarks that vaccinations cause retardation, for example.

    1. She’s much worse than Palin. Palin, if anything, is a feamle version, albeit more extreme, of Mitt Romney. Bachmann is a true believer .and truly batshit crazy

  6. It’s hard to tell if cmacma is genuinely trotting out a list of the moronic things that anti Obama people have said (on some sort of false equivalence basis) or is just parodying them by throwing so many out at once

    But, on Bachman’s poing, I think to her “Clunker” means revealing that not every opinion is irrational far right nonsense

  7. @cmacma, you forgot to mention that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, he was actually born in Kenya and is not an American citizen. There was obviously a massively engineered coverup which began at the time of his birth, to make sure he could run for POTUS in 2008.

  8. Re emacma @ #9

    More significantly, Obama lied about his relationship with convicted terrorist Bill Ayers,

    Mr. emacma is woefully uninformed. Mr. Ayres has never been convicted of anything. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  9. cmacma:

    When was the last time you had an original thought, or an accurate one? And are your slips of the tongue ignorant or merely occasional moments where your mouth can’t keep up with your brain? And do you lie about everything, or just politicians you don’t like?

  10. Is it possible that bachmann is actually telling the truth? These seem less like little gaffes and more like large scale fuckups

  11. @ feralboy12 : November 19, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    As caught on camera for posterity & our facepalimg entertainment here :


    Michelle Bachmann starts that with :

    “Carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of nature ..”


    @Physicalist : November 19, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Bachmann met a open lesbian in a public bathroom once – and ran away screaming :

    “A lesbian! using a toilet! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!”

    .. leaving the puzzled lesbian behind to wonder what was wrong. The lesbian in question did nothing but ask a question calmly.

  12. PS. Oh & Michelle Bachmann later ranted and raved about it blaming the innocent party for some weird neurotic reason.

  13. @ cmacma : November 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Bill Ayres? This guy? :


    Er, I think you meant Bill Ayers :



    Bad as that old part of Obama’s history was, I think you forgot Barack Hussein Obama’s worst problem – his conection with the despicable hate-monger Rev Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright :


    a connection which I think shoudl have permanently disqulaified Obama from the US presidency. I still wonder how much better Hilary Clinton might’ve been .. Oh well.

    Guess Obama certainly would /has beat the idea of alternative presdient “Planetarium =overhead projector” McCain and scarier yet Palin.

    1. that was the usual reaction that or triunng it backwards to hide the face. That face, that expression I know I’ve seen it before? Wasn’t Bachmann the alien leader in V? You remember, the sci-fi series where the aliens were really giant space lizards? It would explain so much

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