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Yates Working On Who?

With the end of the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise and ‘The Stand’ no longer on his plate, director David Yates has revealed that his next project is a full length feature film of the long running British show ‘Doctor Who.’*

I would have thought there were already people on this, but I guess not.

So, here’s the crucial question? Who? (Would play The Doctor?)

Wisconsin County Commission Pre-Meeting Prayers

An attorney representing a Wisconsin foundation has requested that the Manatee County Commission halt prayers before its meetings, contending they violate the nation’s constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

“Removing official prayers from government meetings is the only way to respect the rights of conscience of all citizens, and ensure that the board is in compliance with the Constitution,” wrote Patrick Elliott …

Detail and more here

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Oscar the Grouch Was My Landlord…Until He Died

From April 1915 and over the next year, Turkey carried out a genocide of some 1 to 1.5 million Armenians living in Turkey. This was the latest and most significant of a series of smaller scale events that led Armenians to flee Turkey, and eventually, many arrived in the United States. This is considered in many history books (quite incorrectly) to be the first genocide of the modern era.

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Holiday Shopping Suggestion

A friend of mine who is an excellent writer and critic, fellow blogger and social scientist, is trying to make ends meet by enhancing sales at the family business. Distracted by other things, I didn’t know about this until this morning.

Welcome to Howling Pig, the uncommon soap company for uncommon people.

Our soaps (and stuff) are for those who know that life is not just about getting by, soap is not just about getting clean, and smelling good is the best revenge.

Each of our scents is unique, evocative, and memorable, created with passion to engage your senses and inspire your soul.

We promise you simplicity, quality, and a celebration of the senses.

Because Howling Pig is more than just a funny name – and you are the adventure you’ve been waiting to have.

Go here and buy soap. NAO!!!

Occupy: Possible Showdowns in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a very cool mayor who would probably be sleeping in a tent with the occupy movement if that wouldn’t have various ethical and legal implications. But Minneapolis is also in Hennepin County and the County has a lot to do with what happens in the city. The County owns property and provided a significant amount of police service in Minneapolis. For instance, if you go Downtown on Friday Night you’ll see a lot of cops in the bar districts, and a large percentage of them are wearing County Sheriff Brown.

The Occupy Minnesota protest has been happening in Government Plaza which apparently is under control of the County. County officials have told the Occupiers that there will be no more overnight camping in the Plaza, and they’ve thrown in a few other rules about posting signs, etc.
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