Yates Working On Who?

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With the end of the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise and ‘The Stand’ no longer on his plate, director David Yates has revealed that his next project is a full length feature film of the long running British show ‘Doctor Who.’*

I would have thought there were already people on this, but I guess not.

So, here’s the crucial question? Who? (Would play The Doctor?)

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9 thoughts on “Yates Working On Who?

  1. It would have to be a youngish British actor ~ someone like James McAvoy who he’s worked with before. To which you reply “who?”…

    I thought the BBC were not too happy about this project ~ has that changed?

  2. I guess that depends on what type of Doctor you want. If you long for the old eccentric type, John Cleese would be excellent (and I’d pay to see him as the hobo who gets possessed by the Time Lord). However, the “brand managers” would never approve because the Doctor in Vogue is a young’un.

  3. Mad: Sean Connery? He gets to play young parts. Or Harrison Ford? Might as well totally Americanize the thing, it would sell better. Or maybe a Country Western Singer.

  4. It needs to be done off the sequence of the TV show – there have to be other incarnations than those we see (and the Ecceleston incarnation had to have been much longer than shown). Why not Eccleston again? Or Ewen McGregor? I saw him disavow the role on Craig Ferguson last night πŸ™‚ Make the bastard do it!

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