Occupy: Possible Showdowns in Minneapolis

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Minneapolis has a very cool mayor who would probably be sleeping in a tent with the occupy movement if that wouldn’t have various ethical and legal implications. But Minneapolis is also in Hennepin County and the County has a lot to do with what happens in the city. The County owns property and provided a significant amount of police service in Minneapolis. For instance, if you go Downtown on Friday Night you’ll see a lot of cops in the bar districts, and a large percentage of them are wearing County Sheriff Brown.

The Occupy Minnesota protest has been happening in Government Plaza which apparently is under control of the County. County officials have told the Occupiers that there will be no more overnight camping in the Plaza, and they’ve thrown in a few other rules about posting signs, etc.

The protesters plan to ask for the county to reverse their decision. Meanwhile, many of the protesters have already moved to Monique White’s house. Well, actually they seem to have moved into her backyard. Monique has a house in Minneapolis and US Bank is about to take it away from her in foreclosure. This could get interesting.

Compared to temperatures in, say, the first half of the 20th century, we have not yet had a daily low, average, or high temp lower than “normal” this October. But even with AGW, the temperatures are going to get cold. That will also be a factor over the next few weeks.

During our Financial Engagement event last weekend, this came up: What does the occupy movement do in the northern states when winter sets in? Continuing to occupy is an option, but frankly, a potentially dangerous one. Also, the cold weather is something Teh Man can use to its advantage in various nefarious ways. It might be a better idea if Occupy, at a national level, kept the outside occupation strong in warmer areas and went inside to carry out other sorts of activities in the northern tire or two of states.

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