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Best Book on Trump-Russian Scandal

Michael Isikoff and David Corn are among the very top reporters who have been covering the Trump Russian scandal. Corn is the reporter who initially broke the Dossier story (no, it was not Buzzfeed), and Isikoff broke the story about US intelligence looking into a Trump-Kremlin connection via Carter Page. Since this initial work, these two reporters have been, along with dozens of others, putting into the public view the famous ice-berg tip that we all know Robert Mueller has the rest of hidden away somewhere. Continue reading Best Book on Trump-Russian Scandal

Is Facebook Covering Up Russian Hacking Of The 2016 Election?

Facebook apparently knew quite early on that Russian agents were manipulating Facebook feeds and Facebook users in order to influence the American election, favoring Trump and working against Clinton.

But they publicly denied that they had any of this information, and went so far as to delete information about this in a report. The report contained details about Russia that Facebook legal and marketing teams removed before the report’s release.

Then, as you may know, they eventually admitted it.

The result of this long and inexplicable delay may have set back by months our understanding of the whole Trump-Russian scandal.

Watch this for all the gory details:

Continue reading Is Facebook Covering Up Russian Hacking Of The 2016 Election?