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Boston: Occupy can occupy

A judge handed Occupy Boston a major win today, granting a court order that forbids police to carry out a New York-style clearing of the Dewey Square encampment except in cases that pose a major threat to public safety.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances McIntyre issued a temporary restraining order this afternoon, saying Occupiers will allowed to stay camped peacefully opposite South Station until a court hearing for a preliminary injunction Dec. 1. Police are still allowed to clear the park if there is an “outbreak of violence” or a catastrophe such as a fire, she said.


A state “supreme” court (meaning a lower level state court) in New York State and a County level Court in Massachetts disagree on pretty much the same issue. I would think that the First and Second federal district courts would now be in the running to see this case to the next level, depending on if it is an appeal in Boston or NY.

Judge Rules Against US Constitution, Sides With 1%

As you know, Mayor Bloomberg, the Billionaire Mayor of New York City and Poster Boy for the 1%, had the police rather violently toss the Occupy Wall Street protesters out of the park they were occupying during the dark of night very early this morning. The idea, according to Bloomberg, who has never been that good at telling the truth but strangely not that good at telling lies either, was to clean up the park and let the protesters back in. But … Continue reading Judge Rules Against US Constitution, Sides With 1%

Occupy: Possible Showdowns in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a very cool mayor who would probably be sleeping in a tent with the occupy movement if that wouldn’t have various ethical and legal implications. But Minneapolis is also in Hennepin County and the County has a lot to do with what happens in the city. The County owns property and provided a significant amount of police service in Minneapolis. For instance, if you go Downtown on Friday Night you’ll see a lot of cops in the bar districts, and a large percentage of them are wearing County Sheriff Brown.

The Occupy Minnesota protest has been happening in Government Plaza which apparently is under control of the County. County officials have told the Occupiers that there will be no more overnight camping in the Plaza, and they’ve thrown in a few other rules about posting signs, etc.
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Occupy Michele Bachmann

About 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters have interrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in South Carolina.

Bachmann was delivering the speech Thursday on the deck of the mothballed aircraft carrier USS Yorktown near Charleston when the protesters stood up and began shouting, “Mike check!”

They told her she was more concerned with dividing Americans than helping them. They chanted for about three minutes while the Minnesota congresswoman left the stage.


Who are the 99% and what are they asking for?

I love the blog post “Parsing the Data and Ideology of the We Are 99% Tumblr”

99% Tumbler is a web site with a zillion pictures of people holding up their signs that say things, and in many but not all cases the thing the sign says is also presented as text on the site. So, Mike Konczal of Rortybomb parsed out the text and came up with some very cool stuff.

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News Reporters Consider Stopping Coverage of “Occupy”

Two of our local news reporters here in Minnesota, citing the fact that the “Occupy” type protest are not very Minnesotans and alleging that only a few people showed up for them, considered no longer covering them. One of the two reporters wrote a blog post about their conversation:
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