Non violent protesters rounded up and gassed by police at UC Davis

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Why would you do this????

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8 thoughts on “Non violent protesters rounded up and gassed by police at UC Davis

  1. UC Davis; not Berkeley this time.

    Even so, next time they call for a donation, I’m going to point them to these YouTube videos.

  2. I’m glad that every person is now armed with a camera. I wounder what the police would have done if they didn’t think any one was looking.


  3. I just read a letter by one of the English dept faculty openly calling for the chancellor’s resignation. I hope more faculty speak up and support that call. Disgusting and bad campus management.

  4. This is just insane. I’ve been following this story since yesterday. So, let me tell you how a similar, but much larger and more serious event was handled at Occupy Houston.

    On 11/17 about 250 Occupy marchers proceeded along the sidewalks in accord with out declared route on our parade permit from Market Square to the intersection of Travis and Commerce streets. Marchers lined up along the northeastern sidewalk of Commerce and spread out along the sidewalk along the eastern side of the Travis Street bridge. Twelve or thirteen people walked out into Travis Street and sat down, completely blocking the Travis/Commerce intersection.

    So what did HPD do? First off, they were not in riot gear, they had no oversized pepper spray canisters, and no pepper spray paintball guns. The only special equipment the officers had were long thin ashwood batons replacing the usual tonfa or billy club. There were seven horses, four cars, two vans, and about five police officers on bicycles. There were no helmets, no face shields, and all name tags and badges were clearly visible, though I must add that the standard issue HPD cold weather jacket covers name tags and badges and has no identifying numbers. Why splurge when they don’t wear jackets except intermittently during four months of the year? It was about 76 on the afternoon of 11/17. No Jackets.

    How did HPD respond. First they sealed off the intersection to protect against the most important threat to both themselves and the occupiers, vehicular traffic. Police officers wrestled the occupiers in the intersection two at a time from each end of the line into a prone position, cuffed them with zip ties, stood them upright, and dragged them backwards into the vans. A measured and appropriate use of force. We cheered as they were carried away.

    Compare this to UC Davis. There were about two times more cops at UC Davis, all to arrest people blocking a SIDEWALK who have about 50 onlookers. The police were in riot gear and had riot control weapons. One riot cop, his name is Pike by the way, sprayed the faces of the blockers with pepper spray from a huge canister, and then they arrest a few people and run away in the face of 50 unarmed protesters.

    A far smaller number of HPD officers dealt with a much larger crowd who were doing something truly consequential, blocking a major intersection during rush hour. They arrested every single person who was blocking the intersection, made sure everyone was safe, and re-opened the intersection. No attempt was made to disperse the remaining 250 occupiers who stuck to the parade permit by lining up along the sidewalks of Travis and Commerce. By 5:30,many marchers had left, and at six the rest of us were orderly escorted along sidewalks back to Occupy Houston headquarters in Tranquility Park. Again, entirely within the conditions in the parade permit. This is how it’s done. HPD was very professional in the appropriate use of force. There was no California style chemical warfare and concussion grenades. There were no New York style sprayings or beatings.

    WTF is up with the cops in California? They be crazy there.

    WTF is up with the

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