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Why is the White House silent on the Bloomington attack?

Is it because it wasn’t a very big attack, and no one was killed or injured? The FBI has determined that it was an explosive device that blew up at the Bloomington Islamic Center.

I’m reminded of the attacks on Secretary Clinton, by the likes of Congressman Nunes, about ambiguity in the identification of an attack as “terrorist” during the very throes of the event. Will Nunes hold Trump to the same standard over Bloomington? Will Nunes even give Bloomington a second thought? A first thought?

Speaking of Nunes (who is the guy who tried to derail the House investigation of Trumpskygate), has anyone ever figured out if his supposed Russian connection is for real? I remember it coming out from somewhat questionable sources, but at the time it was never really put down. Probably nothing.

By the way, pro tip for would be hate-crime committers and terrorists: Bloomington MN is the city most closely associated with the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport (MSP), and Bloomington is the home of the Mall of America. In this post-9/11 world, you can bet that the Blomington Police are more than average equipped to deal with this sort of thing. You’ve got to be some kind of a dumb-ass to attack at site of any kind in Bloomington.

Bombing Syria

For my friends who are thinking that military action like we just saw in Syria is OK.

No it isn’t, even if it is.

Gather together the three smartest people you know. Then recruit the top five experts on Middle Eastern diplomacy, and the top five experts on military solutions in the region. Call in the joint chiefs. Make a military plan, the best plan ever.

Now put 100% of the responsibility for final decisions, go-orders, choice making between alternatives, etc, in the hands of an ignorant clownish six year old who is allowed to make up his own alt-plans at any time, and who, as a habitual liar surrounded by habitual liars, can say whatever he wants to the public about what is happening.

No. No military action while Trump is president.