Bombing Syria

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For my friends who are thinking that military action like we just saw in Syria is OK.

No it isn’t, even if it is.

Gather together the three smartest people you know. Then recruit the top five experts on Middle Eastern diplomacy, and the top five experts on military solutions in the region. Call in the joint chiefs. Make a military plan, the best plan ever.

Now put 100% of the responsibility for final decisions, go-orders, choice making between alternatives, etc, in the hands of an ignorant clownish six year old who is allowed to make up his own alt-plans at any time, and who, as a habitual liar surrounded by habitual liars, can say whatever he wants to the public about what is happening.

No. No military action while Trump is president.

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15 thoughts on “Bombing Syria

  1. Especially since we now know that we told the Russians before the attack, and they told the Syrians, so they moved their stuff out. No real damage at all. This was all a distraction.

  2. “No. No military action while Trump is president.”

    What an ignorant comment. Thankfully, you don’t get to make policy!

  3. And thankfully neither does Kevin!
    I would never trust the trumpkin with any thing more important than how to lick a lollipop!!!

  4. I hope Trump goes to Congress for a use of force declaration.

    All he needs to do is extend the non-state actor one to extend to the Syria.

    That would be the constitutional way to do this.

  5. Yeah, just what we need to do: repeat Bush’s monumental fuckup of taking out the (admittedly shitty) government of another country and then screw things up even worse with follow up actions. The area is still suffering from Bush’s actions.

  6. I was surprised you recommended taking out Assad, for this exact reason. While it’s refreshing to see you not adopt every liberal talking point, I really didn’t expect war in the Middle East.

  7. Nothing was accomplished? They launched $93 million worth of cruise missiles, possibly justifying Trump’s military spending plans. 😀

  8. Gregg, this was not intended to accomplish anything. It’s simply a pose to make the lowlife Trump supporters believe Trump is tough.

  9. We already know Trump is tough. He defeated the combined force of the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas, with the media against him, as well as most of his party’s establishment who were calling for him to drop out a month before the election.

  10. We are expected to believe that Trump exhibits empathy for dead children? Come on now, the only organism on Earth he empathises is himself. Again, we are seeing selective outrage here. The US illegally invades Iraq, more than a million dead, and veritable silence follows in its wake; lest us not ignore the sanctions between 1990 and 2003 that left upwards of another million dead and which two senior UN officials, Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck referred to as ‘genocide masquerading as policy’. Down the memory hole. NATO creates a false pretext to change regime in Libya (Benghazi massacre, pure fiction) and we turn the country into a failed state. Drones killing hundreds of civilians across the Af-Pak region. Ignored. Now, without a shred of evidence, and against all logic, Assad is allegedly using chemical weapons?

    We have no moral authority whatsoever and as Noam Chomsky and Jean Bricmont have explained, the US, UK and their clients have never actually waged a humanitarian war. Every one of our wars has an economic and strategic foundation. Again, why are we the good guys?

  11. “We already know Trump is tough”

    No. We know he’s an idiot and a conman.

    “He defeated the combined force of the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas”

    With populist progressive rhetoric. Which he then reneged on.

    “with the media against him”

    Yeah, right. Compared to Sanders, trumpalina was a darling of the media.

    And why were the others in the party clamouring for him to fuck off? Because he was saying that the government would give out healthcare to everyone, curtail the banks, and kill off the corruption of the revolving door in capital city.


  12. re #5, don’t forget child sex slave trafficking. The USA did that to “keep the peace” in Iraq too. Which, of course, allows people the USA doesn’t like to justify doing it themselves too.

    Saddam was only a problem when he was moving all international trade to the Euro for Iraq. If that had been allowed to work, the USA would be entirely and utterly fucked.

  13. “we already know Trump is tough.”

    We know a lot of things. He’s dishonest. He’s admitted to sexual assaults. He takes credit for things that he didn’t do (Ford and jobs here in Michigan being but the latest.) He’s a racist. He’s a bigot. He is anti science. His followers exhibit the same shitty characteristics and say things like “we know Trump is tough.”

  14. Two more. Trump and his supporters think accurately reporting on his actions and what he says means the media is against him, and the media pointing out that his allegations about the Clinton’s and Obama were all bogus means they were in his opponents’ pockets. That’s shows stupidity, not toughness.

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