Our own brief Medieval Period: Covid and Cabin Fever

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Wikipedia drops the ball: The entry on Cabin Fever does not mention Covid.

Two possible outcomes of long periods of relative social isolation:

1) Loss of distinction between inner and outer voice.

2) I can’t remember. Might be something about memory loss.

Well known stories with cabin fever: The Royal Game by Stefan Zweig*, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and the 1980 film, The Shining.

The Mythbusters:


But never mind all that, things are looking up. Here’s how:

1) The carnage caused by Trump’s Disease is getting much much worse. Soon there will be images of extra dead bodies with no place to go in hospital lobbies, and news stories of right wing radio talk show hosts and elected officials succumbing to their own disease. This won’t have any positive effect on the disease (because their followers will just double down on their stupidity) but it will be amusing and satisfying. (Welcome to the world of Hieronymous Bosch, in case you had not noticed. Our Earthly Delights will be morbid indeed.)

2) The darkest (Northern Hemisphere) day is in late December, and that will be here before you kmow it. After that, winter gets colder and colder but at least it stops getting darker and darker.

3) There will be a vaccine -maybe two, maybe three- being distributed by the end of December, and that will be uplifting.

4) If Donald Trump hasn’t eaten a bullet yet, he will be deposed on January 20th. Soon after actual Covid policy will be deployed in the US.

Consider a jigsaw puzzle

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6 thoughts on “Our own brief Medieval Period: Covid and Cabin Fever

  1. re: #1 – I try to look on it as Natural Selection in real time. If it wasn’t for the carnage of the innocents they go on to infect it would indeed be très drôle.

  2. “The carnage caused by Trump’s Disease is getting much much worse.”

    Certainly true here in MI. We were one of the states that was doing pretty well thanks to the governor. The libertarians and other right wing scum on the state houses, who first got active because, like rickA, everyone knows the presidency was never meant to have a non-white person living in it, and now upset to have a woman as governor, convinced a right leaning judiciary to repeal her moves. They vowed that they would “take an active roll in planning and dealing with the spread.” When things got hot and the governor and state health department started talking, and asked for input from the right, their leadership declared a recess because “there are no pressing issues for government”. They refused to attend meetings after being invited.

    Now they’re upset that the health department has issued a fairly weak set of guidelines for the next three weeks.

    These are the same people who described the plot to kidnap and kill Whitmer as “no big deal”.

    MI is screwed despite having an intelligent person leading the government.

    1. Well she’s managed to royally piss off Jason Kenney the, wannabe fascist, premier of Alberta this past week by cancelling permits needed by a pipeline that would ship carbon intensive crap coming out of the Alberta. Good on her for doing so.

      Ms. Whitmer told Enbridge Friday the state is terminating the easement permit that allows Line 5 to carry 540,000 barrels a day of light crude oil, light synthetic crude, and natural gas liquids below the Straits of Mackinac.


  3. Enbridge has a shitty record here in MI. The held off announcing a leak in a pipeline near here (just outside of Kalamazoo) when it happened: investigations after the fact showed their sensors showed a leak and they didn’t shut down or alert authorities. It was discovered by people in the area. The balked at paying for thorough cleanup and tried to quit early. They’ve been caught lying about the status of line 5, a pipeline that runs under the straights of Mackinac, and their plans to bury that line in a tunnel under the floor of the straights has been roundly criticized by outside engineers at not being well designed. I can’t believe MI is the only state they’ve been dishonest with.

    1. I have no doubt they have been dishonest with every state, provincial, governmental entity they’ve dealt with.

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