Experts Mock Trump’s Cali Water and Fire Tweets

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It is a little unfair. What, with Trump being as dumb as a brick and all. But it is true that experts have been mocking his absurd tweets about California fires, climate change, and water.

The offending tweets:


Some of the counter tweets can be found on this thread:

And from California water expert, Peter Gleick:


RL Miller of Climate Hawks Vote added these:

Think Progress covers the melee here.

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8 thoughts on “Experts Mock Trump’s Cali Water and Fire Tweets

  1. That is almost a new level of stupid, but his levels of stupidity are so high they are almost un-rankable.

    Still, I’m sure some moron will show up trying to defend his comments.

  2. There were some articles recently about CA forestry policy, which has allowed the trees to crowd, and so easier for fires to spread than when forest was thinned out as compared to today. I think that is what Trump was referring to.

    As for the water, it is my understanding that the rain water is diverted, via concrete, to the ocean, rather than being captured. I suspect that is what Trump might have been referring to.

    I don’t think Trumps two tweets in this area are that stupid – there is something to both of them.

    1. Still, I’m sure some moron will show up trying to defend his comments.

      I don’t think Trumps two tweets in this area are that stupid


  3. Emily Atkin has a reasonable explanation for Trump’s tweets:
    “Some reporters have speculated that Trump is referring to endangered species protections—most importantly, the federal Endangered Species Act. These laws prohibit farmers and other industrial sources from taking lots of water from certain rivers and streams, in order to protect the habitats of endangered fish. Trump is currently seeking to dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act, so it’s possible he wanted to bolster his administration’s case by linking the federal law to wildfires.

    But I think Trump’s tweets reference something more specific: His administration’s escalating attempts to prevent California from regulating its own water systems.”

    In other words, when states implement the Republican agenda, we support states’ rights. When they don’t, we don’t.

    1. Yup, but remember, no matter how blatant Trump’s lies are, two things work in his favor.

      – There will always be loyal supporters willing to lie on their own and support what he says (see above foe evidence)
      – The people who explain why the things he says are wrong will be dismissed as “elitists” due to their knowledge and education, and being referred to as experts

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