Alex Jones Banned

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Infowars Alex Jones banned on

Twitter seems to have no plans to enforce community standards. Between Alex Jones and Donald Trump, the place is a real dump.

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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones Banned

  1. It doesn’t seem to be as complete and uniform as some news reports imply.

    Jones’ account on FB has been suspended 30 days: they have removed four of his pages (two from “Infowars”). No comment about what will happen after those 30 days.

    Apple has removed 5 of Infowars’ 6 podcasts/podcast apps, but I believe he still has an app available for download (and from the Google play store).

    Spotify has removed “some episodes” but I haven’t been able to find specifics.

    You tube seems to be the only one to completely scrub his channel, for “repeated violations of YouTube’s Community Standards” — same with InfoWars’ YouTube channel.

    Cue the screaming of “censorship” from the people who don’t understand that word.

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