Today’s Minnesota Third Congressional District Convention

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Congratulations to citizen Adam Jennings for running a fantastic campaign in the Third Congressional District DFL!

Adam reminds us of the essential nature of the Democratic Leader. He embodies the spirit of Lettered Democrats and Progressives Past (JFK, RFK, FDR, and even TR and possibly LBJ on a very good day). The Jennings campaign did not prevail at today’s Congressional District convention, but they made an excellent showing, and many left the hall thinking, “Adam’s got to run for something important, soon.” My recommendation for a future run: Start calling yourself AJ. It flows.

Congratulations to Endorsed Congressional Candidate Dean Phillips for also running a fantastic campaign in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District. A somewhat more fantastic campaign, apparently, winning the 60% super majority needed to gain the DFL Endorsement on the first ballot!

Dean and his team (The Dean Team at Dean Phillips for Congress) embrace the very Minnesotan strategy of inviting all the neighbors in for a conversation — a conversation about representing this district while governing this country — and this is a strategy that will surely prevail against he who shall not be named (in this post). Dean has exhibited unending energy, outstanding strategy, and the ability to bring diverse Third District Democrats together. His win in November will be historic and will come at a critical time.

Congratulations also to Clara Severson, Mia Berman and Zach Rodvold!

Those of you who were at the CD convention and wondered why Rebecca Otto was not there: she was on her way up from another convention in this Great Friday the 13th Blizzard and their car ran into a ditch. She is OK, no one was injured, but Shawn tells me she was very disappointed to have not made it to the convention!

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