The Friday the Thirteenth Storm

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The view from my second floor office window:

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6 thoughts on “The Friday the Thirteenth Storm

  1. We dodged the worst of the storm that rolled through Michigan — the bad part was north. Boyne City (on Lake Charlevoix) had over 17 inches on Saturday. I have friends in Iowa who got hammered too.

    How much did you get?

  2. For the wierdos that deny global warming because its cold outside.

    Atlantic Ocean Current Slows Down To 1,000-Year Low, Studies Show.

    “This circulation is a key player in the Earth’s climate system and a large or abrupt slowdown could have global repercussions. It could cause sea levels on the US east coast to rise, alter European weather patterns or rain patterns more globally, and hurt marine wildlife.

    We know that at the end of the last major ice age, rapid fluctuations in the circulation led to extreme climate shifts on a global scale. An exaggerated (but terrifying) example of such a sudden event was portrayed in the 2004 blockbuster film The Day After Tomorrow.

    The recent weakening we have found was likely driven by warming in the north Atlantic and the addition of freshwater from increased rainfall and melting ice. It has been predicted many times but, until now, just how much weakening has already occurred has largely remained a mystery. The extent of the changes we have discovered comes as a surprise to many, including myself, and points to significant changes in the future”.

    Old news to those who base their world view on reality.

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