An endorsement for Sean Casten in Illinois’ red-to-blue 6th Congressional district

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Climate Hawks Vote has this press release:

Climate Hawks Vote is pleased to announce its newest endorsement: Sean Casten in Illinois’ red-to-blue 6th Congressional district.

Sean is running as a climate hawk scientist, cleantech entrepreneur, and job creator–and against a science-denying Republican, Peter Roskam, who calls climate change “junk science.”

Sean has specialized in combined heat and power, a technology that involves turning “wasted” heat into power, sometimes achieving double the energy efficiency of the overall US electric grid. He’s chaired a combined heat and power trade association, and testified to Congress on its benefits. And cleantech nerds will delight in his well-crafted, detailed energy/climate policy.

RL Miller, president of Climate Hawks Vote, states: “Sean has already been endorsed by two distinguished members of our board of directors: Bill McKibben, founder of, and Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison. Bill says: ‘Sean has the right combination of feistiness and knowledge to make him a force for the good in DC.’ And Jigar says: ‘Sean is more than a scientist. He’s a practical entrepreneur and we need his experience in Congress to encourage clean energy projects.’ Equally important, Climate Hawks Vote members in the district overwhelmingly preferred him to all of the other candidates put together. In our in-district survey, 79% of the people responding voted for him.”

The Chicago suburban seat is a “Clinton-Republican” district, meaning that in 2016 the district voted for both the Democratic candidate for President and the Republican incumbent in Congress–and now it’s a top target for Democrats in 2018.

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