The Ultimate Science Stocking Stuffer, Also Fights the Patriarchy!

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From Hypatia of Alexandria to Katherine Hayhoe, women have made and continue to make important contributions to the physical sciences. Now, you can get the “Notable Women in the Physical Sciences” deck of cards to celebrate them!

Here’s the deal.

Many teachers use playing cards in their teaching, to employ a readily understood and recognized symbol system (suits, numbers, face cards, etc) in a thought exercise, lab, or what have you. A deck of cards that also provides pictures and biographical information about actual scientists adds value to that activity. And, displaying a panoply of women in physical sciences reminds people that there really have been, and are now, many such women! So this is a great girls-in-stem patriarchy-fighting device.

So, if you buy a deck of educards depicting a sampling of the great women of the physical sciences, you help teachers get cards for their use in shcools, for free. The profit from selling cards to retail buyers (you) is converted into cards for use in schools. Everything should be like this. Educard also distributes cards to educators using moneys that come in from donations.

You can read about the Educard Project here.

You can purchase cards at the links above or here.

You can donate to the project here.

The future holds great things, as Educard is planning more decks with more different sciences and more women.

Help science teachers and their students play with a full deck, by buying one or a few decks of Educards, giving them to someone worthy as a gift, and thus, spinning off some free cards for use in some needful schools.

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