How to handle your out of control toddler

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You need to get a copy of How to Discipline a Toddler: A Parent’s Essential Guide to Disciplining Toddlers, Dealing with Toddler Tantrums, and Addressing Other Toddler Behavior Problems, even if you don’t personally have a toddler, and send it to someone who does, preferably anyone working in Washington DC

Things that work on toddlers:

  • When the toddler insists on doing something that might cause a problem, like ruining the economy or starting World War III, just tell him that this is a great idea, but we should do it next week.
  • When the toddler might be faced with many choices, most of which are bad, make sure he picks the correct one by not telling him about any of the others. If you give him just one choice, and it is the correct choice, he might make a good choice.
  • Sometimes you can get the toddler’s friends to call him and talk him out of making a bad choice, such as a choice that might ruin the economy or start World War III
  • It is a good idea to have a strong elder figure at hand to give the toddler stern looks now and then to try to keep him in line.
  • Distraction often works. Make sure there are always stimuli hand, such as a football game on TV that can be used to keep the toddler out of trouble. But be careful, sometimes those distractions go badly wrong…
  • When all else fails, give the toddler a toy and a healthy snack. Such as:

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    1. Or do what bees do – seal it in a room with enough food o last until it grows up – but in this case just seal the room and forget the food

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