Twin Cities Creation Science Fair 2014

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As PZ Myers points out, it is time for the Twin Cities Creation Science Fair! It is this Saturday, details here. Lorax is going.

Normally, those of us from the science community who go to this simply show up and wander around looking at the exhibits and talk science to the kids. No shenanigans. Also, we often go to a nearby venue and get lunch. Last year it was Grumpy’s.

Over the years, I think, the quality of the exhibits has gone up and the attention to the usual “creation science” myths has gone down. I like to think that a bunch of evolutionary biologists showing up every year has made a difference.

They still put Bible quotes on every exhibit, of course.

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10 thoughts on “Twin Cities Creation Science Fair 2014

  1. Shouldn’t it be “Does Caffine Affect Snails.” ? If one remembers the phrase “Cause and Effect” correct usage is easier.

  2. Heh, another example of “coffee as 21st century cigarettes,” the universal “social drug” that at this point in time is thought to be so harmless and nonaddictive that even kids get to use it. Just like cigarettes until the Surgeon General’s report.

    It would be “interesting” to ask the kid who ran that project, “how does marijuana affect snails?” (/sarcasm)

    But it would be more productive from a public health & safety perspective, to ask the kid “how does alcohol affect snails?” If kids observe adverse effects of alcohol on animals, they might be less likely to drink to excess when they grow up.

  3. None of the families represented here drink at all, I’m sure.

    Which reminds me of that joke about going fishing with a Baptist …

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