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For the first time in weeks we are experiencing warm weather in central Minnesota (it is now 21 degrees F) with a bit of snow off and on. But elsewhere there are interesting things happening. First, in far northern California and the Pacific Northwest there will be rain. A LOT of rain. That’s great because it will help a little with the drought. But, it will also probably cause some severe flooding.

Also, everywhere on the east coast from Atlanta up to New England is experiencing some kind of bad.

Snomageddonapocalypse.  On fire.
Snomageddonapocalypse. On fire.
A friend of mine in the Raleigh-Durham area told me last night that he drove off the road three times in three miles, and normally he does no drive off the road more than once in three miles! I can’t be sure of the attribution of the photo shown here of the Fiery Snomageddonapocalypse, but it seems to be someone from North Carolina. Found on facebook.

More than three quarters of a million people have been without power across 14 states. New York City and DC are getting hammered or will soon.

You all know this from the news. I just wanted to add some context.

Here I’ve combined an estimation of precipitation over the next 7 days from here, with a map of the Jet Stream from here.

You can see the relationship between overall weather patterns as indicated by the Jet Stream and the precipitation. The same curvy jet stream that formed the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge causing drought in California will now cause deluge, and this was also related to the Arctic Vortex visiting the central part of North America for weeks on end. This pattern of whacky weather, with major drought interdigitated with heavy rain, ice in Atlanta, and all that, is what we call Weather Whiplash. And there is probably a link between Anthropogneic Global Warming and this extreme weather.

Stay safe.

Oh, by the way, what does that photo of Atlanta, the image featured above the post, remind you of? …


Let’s just hope that Zombies are not part of the forecast for the remainder of the week!

More on climate change here, and more on severe weather here.

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