Is there a database of extreme weather events, globally? (Updated)

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Links to sites/commentary/lists for extreme weather events.

Articles or blog posts listing events

Top 10 Global Weather Events of 2011

2012 Extreme Weather Sets Records, Fits Climate Change Forecasts

2012 Infographic on severe weather events

Heat, Flood, Cold in 2012

Weather extremes: freak conditions from around the globe for 2013

2013’s Most Terrifying Weather Disasters

2013 NOAA report on Billion Dollar Disasters (overview) and the report as a PDF file is here

Timelines, official lists, maps, etc.

State of the Climate: Extreme Events

Severe weather information centre

NOAA list of daily weather records (US)

2012 extreme events timeline

A TikiToki of extreme weather and climate events for 2013

2013 Significant Climate Anomalies and Events map from NOAA

Other related items

Extreme Weather Events, Maps of the World

Climate Communication: Current Extreme Weather & Climate Change

Extreme Weather Events Signal Global Warming to World’s Meteorologists

NOAA’s page on extreme events with lots of links

This post has info on Winter 2103-2104: A Weird Winter of Extremes, via Climate Nexus

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6 thoughts on “Is there a database of extreme weather events, globally? (Updated)

  1. A live database to track current and past extreme weather would help a lot to put things into perspective, the understand the big picture. For instance i would like to know how the northern hemisphere jet setup has been back in 1947, during what were considered one of the greatest UK deluges – till today. Today, there are so many more unprecedented events all over the globe.

    I begun to collect unprecedented events but i know that i miss a lot of events, since there is so many going on at the same time, it’s hard to keep track.

  2. This is an important example of the tremendous inadequacy of the level of resources devoted to even understanding climate change, let alone slowing/coping with it.

    It is part of a bigger problem of the one-sided development of our societies, led by the US and other developed nations, and now followed by China, India, etc.

    The commercial, capitalist, entrepreneurial, individual part of society, partly due to the cold war ideological/theological wars, has completely outstripped the communal/government/group interest.

    Private firms/individuals are carrying out activities which may or (in the case of fossil fuels certainly will) have huge consequences for everyone else, but they are only interested in their own advantage, while no or little communal oversight is exercised on behalf of everyone else – until there is a disaster

  3. OOOhhh … snap.

    I … I … I say Martha. We is fifty miles from home, done wrecked the car, got no way home, nowhere to stay … But we is all still alive an I figure it can’t get no worse … Do you smell smoke? …

  4. For instance i would like to know how the northern hemisphere jet setup has been back in 1947, during what were considered one of the greatest UK deluges – till today.

    But that would only be a start. You’d also have to take into account all the flood mitigating infrastructure that’s been built in the interim. To do the job properly, you’d also need to look at all the flood promoting actions taken in the same period. Draining wetlands, cutting down forests for example.

    (And, into the bargain, do a proper review of which/where certain projects undertaken for mitigation purposes have turned out to do the opposite – straightening and dredging some rivers comes to mind here.)

  5. That’s a local pic for me! The photographer and that woman were really surprised it went viral and started a meme. We did end up with a mess around Raleigh, NC–not as bad as it was a few years ago (kind of like Atlanta had) because the schools closed for the day.
    These polar vortex storms are getting old. I’m a high school teacher and we won’t get any workdays for the rest of the semester! We’ve got to make up 7 days now. School Monday.

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