Dismissed Student Executes Seven in California Christian College

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The former student …

… walked into the single-story building housing Oikos University on Monday morning, took a receptionist hostage and went looking for a particular female administrator, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan told CNN’s “Early Start.”

The man walked into a classroom, lined up students against a wall and shot them one by one, Jordan said.

He then left the classroom, reloaded his semi-automatic, found some more stuents and shot them. He then left the scene in a victim’s car. Soon after, One Goh, the shooter, was arrested at an Alameda grocery store.

According to CNN,

The college, which caters to the Korean-American Christian community, offers degrees in theology, music, nursing and Asian medicine, according to its website.

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12 thoughts on “Dismissed Student Executes Seven in California Christian College

  1. Shootin’ peoples is thirsty work.

    Sorry, I laugh because I’ve run out of tears.

    Yes, it is sad when people uselessly strike out with deadly violence. But doubly so because so many of the people shot are underlings and functionaries who had no recourse, and random people who are entirely blameless.

    I’m waiting for people to apply this same gun logic to the financiers who crashed the economy, plundered their retirement savings, denied their kid medical care. Start shooting millionaires and billionaires and two things will happen: The Master of the Universe find out the ‘little people’ they laugh can hurt them, and there will be a massive and well financed media campaign counter NRA rhetoric and some serious strengthening of gun laws.

    I’m tired of the little people getting kicked in the teeth. An endless litany of events that are all different but all share a common schematic: A poor person being told by an underpaid and overworked case worker that there ‘just aren’t funds to get you what you need’ while an overpaid, ignorant, entitled and self-pitying guy in a suit leaves out the back door with bags of money.

    In act two the hard-pressed and confused slob comes back with a gun and kills the case worker, the janitor and a couple people there begging for services. The guy who carried off the money slams his second martini, declares it NHI, opines that if the people shot had guns it would have turned out differently, and passes out.

    As long as it is poor people shooting poor people the casualty count is not seen as a problem.

  2. Jesus. Who executes seven innocent and unknown people and then goes to the grocery store?

    I don’t think governors do their own shopping, so…

  3. He supposedly told the employees at the grocery store that he had shot people and he needed to be arrested.

  4. He knew the people. He’d been enrolled it the school until he was kicked out. He was looking for the head of the school to kill, and lined up and killed the others when he couldn’t find him. The stories are heartwrenching. One young mother made 4 calls to her parents as she lay dying.They were outside playing with her son. They said her husband is out of the country and doesn’t know yet. ๐Ÿ™

  5. But remember, he would be just as empowered to take all those lives if he did not have a gun. Because we all now how much control you can assert over your environment with a sharpened spoon.
    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

  6. From Columbine, to Virginia Tech, to Chardon, to Oikos, and all the other horrific school shootings in the past 20 years, one fact remains constant–the victims were rendered defenseless–by law, by school policy, or both. That’s what we know does not work for protecting students and staff.

    We know what does NOT work–and we keep doing it!


  7. I agree with Paul Hunter. I tend to agree with liberals on almost everything, in fact I consider myself one, but I really feel this is the one big blind spot. The problem is the proliferation of the culture of violence. That’s not the fault of gun access, but is a more general societal issue. I’d compare it to banning abortion. You’re not going to eliminate any problem, you’re just going to force it underground and make it more dangerous. No the real issue is deeper than just access to guns, and it’s time we treated it as such.

  8. “Guns donโ€™t kill people, people kill people!”
    Quite right, all guns do is make the little holes.

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