Democracy Now: Walking While Black

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A discussion of the cold blooded murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin by self appointed executioner George Zimmerman, including a discussion of related Gun Control issues.

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6 thoughts on “Democracy Now: Walking While Black

  1. According to the National Neighborhood Watch organization, Zimmerman is NOT a part of the organization. According to a spokesperson for the organization, their members are NOT allowed to:
    …drive patrol vehicles
    …carry weapons
    …pursue suspects

  2. Gwen, I was wondering about that. I was part of a local neighborhood program that was NOT (I repeat, NOT) Neighborhood Watch or anything like that, but that did train and organize neighbors to make for safer living and to have a populous more informed on how to interface with the police and other city agencies more usefully. These programs are pretty clear on division of labor and proper behavior, and they don’t want vigilanteism. Which reminds me of my first brush with vigilantism. I must blog about that…

  3. Yes, these laws do need to be reversed. Unfortunately the NRA is a powerful organization and they will not rest until “law abiding gun owners” aka, white gun owners, can kill anyone that displeases them.

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