Don Shelby Shifts his Base

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The Walter Cronkite of the Twin Cities, Emmy Award Winning news anchor Don Shelby, retired a couple of years ago and started writing for the excellent local news blog MinnPost. Shelby’s articles were always excellent and on point, and he often wrote about climate change related issues that I know are important to people who read this blog. He has also supported the cause of science in public policy in other ways.

Here are three examples of my earlier posts pertaining to Don: Minnesota AGW Denialist Jungbauer Disembowled by Respected News Anchor Don Shelby; Shawn Otto’s Book Launch Talk (with Don Shelby); and I am the Angry Left. But if I was in Congress I’d still be polite..

Well, Don has made a stunning career move, announced earlier this afternoon. He will be moving from MinnPost to BringMeTheNews, which is an entirely different kind of thing.

Legendary TV newsman Don Shelby is joining BringMeTheNews. The veteran anchor and investigative journalist will be the morning voice of the BringMeTheNews radio network of more than 30 stations around Minnesota starting Wednesday, April 4. He’ll also provide original news reporting.

From his former colleague at MinnPost, David Brauer:

Shelby will contribute original reporting – primarily on public health, environment and energy – though he’s not sure when that will begin. He’ll also be a mentor in a shop that includes former MPR journalists Art Hughes, William Wilcoxen and several younger journalists.

I’m going to have to start payingattention to this BringMeTheNews thing.

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3 thoughts on “Don Shelby Shifts his Base

  1. Regarding Don Shelby’s article on the abusive bullying Young, he said, “I shouldn’t like people in other countries to see it [video of Young trying to bully Dr. Brinkley into silence]. We still have an image to uphold in the world. Young makes it look like the most powerful nation on earth is run by the inmates of the asylum.”

    Too late. We’ve seen it. But no worries–your image was long tarnished before then. We already knew the inmates had moved into power. We saw the signs during GW’s time, and it was mightily confirmed when the Tea Party swept what were formerly fringe crackpots onto center stage where, God help us all, they gained power.

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