We Want Reagan Back!

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Here he is dedicating the Space Shuttle Columbia to the Taliban!

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7 thoughts on “We Want Reagan Back!

  1. Well, Reagan he never said “taliban” there but rather dedicated it to the “People of Afghanistan” and the “Resistence” – which at that time would have been the “mujahideen” (spelling?) fighting against the Soviet invaders & allied to the USA.

    The Taliban came much later after the Russians were kicked out and after the Afghan civil war (mark umpteen?) that followed that or so I understand things. So the taliban didn’t even exist inReagan’s time.

    So, sorry, Greg but I think you’re being a bit unfair there.

  2. Doesnt this mean anyone who is an american is a terrorist? … of british 18th century superpowers… a little pre dating never hurts. he who controls the past controls the future…

  3. @SteveO:

    You should check out what “Mujahideen” actually means. It’s not a particular group of freedom fighters from Afghanistan in the 80’s. It’s a generic term for “Muhammed’s warriors” roughly. There were many militias in Afghanistan calling themselves “Mujahideen” and the Taliban is part of their legacy. You would be hard pressed to find a member of the Taliban who wouldn’t consider himself “Mujahideen.”

  4. Hang on, now. The taliban weren’t several generations removed from the freedom fighters. They were quite literally the very same people. And regardless of how well their fight aligned with US interests, establishing a taliban was likely always part of their objective.

  5. Hmm .. Maybe.

    But still. The Taliban as a specific movement and a government wasn’t around – and Reagun didn’t actually dedicate the Space Shuttle to them. He dedicated it to the Afghan Resistence – which maybe included some people who would later turn into the Taliban but also others as well and the Afghanistani people.

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