LeRoy: The story behind the music legend!

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In case you want to know more about my nephew, LeRoy Bell, who is a contestant in the Top Ten on the XFactor USA show, and who will be performing TONIGHT (and you can VOTE!!!), check out this really nice write up on The Root: ‘X Factor’ Crooner Is ‘Livin’ It Up’ – LeRoy Bell, 60, who once hit it big with a disco favorite, has a second chance at fame.

It is a good article, but I want to correct one small item: TaRessa Stovall notes that LeRoy has an “advantage” on the talent show because of his professional background. That is true, but many of the “Over 30” singers on the show have similarly long careers and professional histories, so he’s not the only one. Plus, the other singers have their own, other “advantages” such as being young an cute, or dimples, or different or attractive in one way or another. Every one of the performers on the show now, especially that it is narrowed down to 10, have an advantage of one sort or another. Just sayin’

Anyway, Watch Tonight and Vote For LeRoy!!!!!

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One thought on “LeRoy: The story behind the music legend!

  1. Nice write-up. I remember the songs he wrote for Elton John and the others, but unfortunately, not ‘his’ hit song. I will have to look it up.

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