Fox News Makes Up Hate Speech for Hoffa

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Fox News got all huffy and pissy while reporting that James Hoffa Junior told Democratic Party voters to murder Tea Party Republicans that had been put in office during the Great Stupidity that happened last November. But he didn’t. In order to make it look like Hoffa had said this Fox had to lie.

Hoffa said, “Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong! Thank you very much!”

Now, observe what Fox News says he said:

At about 20 seconds, you hear the Fox reporter actually warn listeners that his langauge was going to get pretty tough. Blease refer back to the quote I give above of Hoffa’s actual words …

Keep Listening, because they make it worse by being “very certain” of what they are reporting and by vaguely linking Obama to the hate speech. Then, the reporter actually tells us, in a ham handed way, about the “sentence before” the “kill the teabaggers” language itself. But he lies. Just watch.

What a load of crap.

Details at Media Matters.

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Makes Up Hate Speech for Hoffa

  1. In context it pretty clearly means “take them out of office”. I was listening to a non-Fox source earlier, with half an ear, and they referred to it as “inflammatory”. I know the teatards have thin skins, but come on. They can’t deny they’re sons of bitches.

  2. So liberals were being oversensitive when someone put cross-hairs over the districts of democratic reps, but this is “thuggery”.

    Fox doesn’t care about the truth, they care about whatever story they can tell to rouse the rabble. After all, it’s the rich white folk in ‘Merikuh who are under attack right now. Hope I didn’t just blow your minds with that tidbit.

  3. Having used violent rhetoric it would seem to be hard for the Teabaggers to complain and not look like a hypocrite. But through the magic of modern propaganda and a a quick wave of the projection wand … Poof … having used violent rhetoric they full expect … and can see if they squint their eyes just right … they see and hear what they need to see and hear to make their world view and rhetoric make sense to them.

    Even if they have to make it up out of something that might almost sound like violent rhetoric if you edit out half of it and torture the meaning. As for looking hypocritical? Never much seemed to bother them.

  4. Randy, like it or not, if you put crosshairs on someone and then they get shot, you’re implicated. Like it or no, if you say “we’ve got to vote in order to take these people out of office” you are not saying that they should be shot.

    In the future I expect you to be more polite to Liberals when commenting on my blog. Thank you very much.

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